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You’ve just purchased a web hosting account, and you want to upload your website for the world to see. Which option is the best? Read on to learn more about the most efficient ways to upload your website to a hosting account with file manager and FTP access.

Not all web hosts offer the same upload options, but there are two file management options that seem to be common across most web hosts. They are file manager — an application that’s built into most control panels — and FTP, known as file transfer protocol, a form of file transfer that’s used with a third-party FTP account and file management program.

If you have your website sitting on your hard drive as HTML and CSS files, you need to upload it to your web hosting account. Using file manager, this process is simple. Create a directory on a free domain in your account, or upload the files directly to the public folder. Then, select the files in your file manager and select ‘upload’ to bring them onto your web hosting account.

Using FTP, the process is even easier. If your web hosting service has provided you with some account details for FTP, simply enter them into your preferred FTP application. If you haven’t got an FTP account, simply create one using your control panel. Then select the files that make up your website and drag them into the empty public folder in your hosting account.

Using either of these methods, you can upload your entire website to your website hosting account in less than five minutes. Simple and effective, these methods allow you to quickly transfer your website to a new host, or to test new websites on your hosting account quickly and easily.

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