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PostHeaderIcon 9 Must-Read Articles When Your Passion on Blogging Down

9 Must-Read Articles When Your Passion on Blogging Down

I was a young man who learned blogging autodidact. When teenagers at my age playing games and having fun, I learned about blogging from the internet.

Since my country has not yet recognized blogger as a legitimate profession, I have trouble finding the right mentor to hone my knowledge about blogging.

I started blogging with the conviction that blogging will provide something different in my life. I feel many benefits of blogging though, like getting a lot of friends and earn some money from blogs.

However, there are times when I lost my passion on blogging. It’s difficult time indeed. I must struggle alone to overcome it. I can even vacuum blogging for months when it happened to me. It’s crazy, right? 😆 Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Sound Strategies You Can Use Towards Successful Blogging

Be Successful Blogger
I am sure you must have heard about blogging. Blogging lately become a very popular activity among all people. Besides to being a personal life stories, blogs can also be a source to make money on the internet. First of all you need to create a successful blog. If you are interested in blogging, use the tips in this article to make your blog successful. Let’s start with these tips! Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Great Ideas For Achieving Truly Successful Blogging

For those who love blogging, you would agree that blogging is fun, although sometimes boring, but sometimes also profitable. To start a blog, you can find many sites that offer free blog. If you already have a blog or want to start a blog and would like your blog to be better, this article was written for that purpose. Enjoy yourself! Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Increase Your Presence With These Blogging Tips!

Blogging Tips
Many people start a blog because blogging is fun. Actually blogs can also be used as a tool to make money on the internet and it’s up to you who have a blog. You can create a blog from several websites that provide free services to create a blog. To better enjoy your blogging time, you can read this article. Read the rest of this entry »

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