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PostHeaderIcon One of the Best TV Aerial Systems Provider in London

TV Aerial Systems Provider in London

TV Aerial Systems Provider in London

Do you love watching TV?

I do.

If you live in London and surrounding countries, you must have heard the free digital TV service called Freeview.

Yes, with Freeview you can have free TV channels, interactive programmes, and also radio.. for life. Well, you actually still need few equipments to receive the signal.

You will still need the TV itself (with built-in Freeview receiver or not), television aerial and other installation equipments. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Findxa Review: The Home of The Best Curated Articles

Findxa Review

Findxa Screenshot

How often you search high quality articles online?

For me, it’s everyday.

Then, how many tabs you have to open to go through all the similar search result until you get the relevant high quality one?

Quite a few I bet.

The search result is usually full of rewritten and duplicated articles. From all of the results, maybe only a few that are really high quality. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Spy Earphone – Your Ultimate Stealth Mission Gear


You don’t have to be a detective or a military intelligence official to involve in a stealth mission. There are times in life when you have to plan and execute your own secret missions.

What can you use in such situations to communicate with others without getting noticed by anyone?

Definitely a mobile communication device that is extra small in size – as small that it cannot be noticed easily at a glance. Guess what?

Technology has advanced to such a level today that you can order your stealth gear online. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon How to Transfer Your Video to iPad Devices

Transfer Video to iPad

There is no doubt that there is a certain kick from owning an iPad. The high quality of the display and smooth interface are just few of the things that make the iPad an excellent device.

Video playback is top notch despite the limited screen real estate. If there is one thing that might frustrate you when using the iPad, it’s the limited compatibility.

Apple products are notorious for this. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon How to Clone Windows 7 to SSD Without Reinstalling

Windows 7 Wallpaper

NOTE: What we do here is for PC, it’s easy to move or add new drive to it. But if you need it for laptop, you can remove the optical drive and replace it with the SSD. You can also look for optical bay adapters online as a way to get around.

Solid-state drive or a solid-state disk (SSD) is the new generation disk which has no mechanical (moving) parts.

It actually has no spinning disk, no spinning motor, and uses assemblies of integrated circuit as memory to persistently store data.

In other words, it’s silent when running, has lower access time, less latency, and more shock proof. That’s why people have been trying to install one of these drive in their computer. Read the rest of this entry »

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