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PostHeaderIcon Restoring iPhone Contacts After iOS Upgrade

Running the new OS on the iPhone will give you lots of latest features. Maybe you think that by upgrading to the new OS, you will not have to deal with the problems often occur before you upgrade your device. However, once you upgrade it, you may find that the latest update does not satisfy you, even bring some new problems, such as missing iPhone contacts. This problem often appears after you upgrade your device to iOS 6. Given to that fact, a question arises: how can we deal with problem? Is there any solution to solve that matter? This article would like to reveal some methods apply to get your contact back after upgrading the device to iOS 6.

Some of iPhone users noticed that all the contacts have gone after upgrading their devices to iOS 6. This case was rarely found, but sure it has happened. Losing contact brought some effects, but you can take it ease, because iTunes can help you to get the contact back. In general, iTunes can do that without the owner of phone having synchronized the device. Therefore, the key is you do not have to synchronize your iPhone with iTunes It is not difficult to restore contacts after iOS6 upgrade without synchronize the device and iTunes. What you need to do is just downloading proper recovery tools. That kind of tool can help you get contacts back from the iTunes backup database. Recovery tools are probably not the thing difficult to find. You can take some exploration on the internet world, and suddenly you will find plenty options to consider. However, we do have a recommendation came from a tool named Wondershare Dr.Fone (for Microsoft windows users). The same tool, WondershareDr.Fone (for Mac), is also available as well, so you need to adjust both the availability with desktop OS you has. Wondershare Dr.Fone for windows can support different types of iPhone, including 4S/5.

In the end, that should be great news for those of you who have lost contacts on upgraded iPhone you has. Restore contacts ios6 upgrade is now considering as an easy thing to do, thanks to the presence of WondershareDr.Fone. Please do not sync the device with iTunes when you are doing recovery job, otherwise it will not successfully work – you will not definitely get contacts back. For more information about details about the step within recovery process, please visit a website available at

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