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PostHeaderIcon THANKS To My Comment Authors ~ March 2015 Engagement Report!

March 2015 Engagement Report

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One month has passed so quickly. In early March, I made a special post to respect my visitors who have taken their time to comment on my blog.

And now, in the beginning of April, I wrote a new article that I have dedicated specifically to the commentators on my blog in March.

When I published the report for February, there are many new commentators who wish to be included in my next report. It makes me quite happy. 😀

It’s same as film producers who delighted when their films watched by many people, and as novelist pleased when many people are reading their novels, there is nothing more joyful for bloggers besides there are many people who read their blog post, isn’t it?

Although it’s just a small thing, but it was enough to make me excited to write my next articles. Read the rest of this entry »

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