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PostHeaderIcon THANKS To My Comment Authors: February 2015 Report

My Comment AuthorsI love when my articles was filled by a lot of comments!


Writing an article is not an easy job. To completing one article, it took me hours to completely finish it and publish it. If I may give a reason, maybe it’s because English is not my native language..hehe

When someone comments on one of my articles, I feel that my efforts in creating it are not in vain, especially when they say that my articles are useful for them. It has its own satisfaction!

Every time I login to my WordPress dashboard, my eyes always fixed on the comments written by the comment authors.

I’m always excited and looking forward to what are their words, their ideas and their voices associated with my article.

Furthermore, I feel like having a bond with my comment authors and my readers, even though we have never met in person yet.

For me, that’s one factor that makes blogging becomes exciting. Also, comments gave me extra energy to create better articles. That’s all for the sake of my readers. Read the rest of this entry »

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