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Apple Cloud
With an increasing need to have access to data anywhere and everywhere, cloud storage is the new rage that aids productivity and availability in your personal/professional life.

We all know the horror of losing our personal and important data, therefore backups for your Apple OSX devices are essential.

Apple has rolled out several storage services for its users, but there are also websites and apps like Dropbox that are more universal.

How do you choose the best backup provider for your Apple devices?

The first plan of action would be to read reviews. This justcloud review is a prime example of how you can find out how well a provider performs before trying them out.

In terms of free storage, Apple iCloud, Amazon Cloud Drive and Google Drive are at par with 5GB each. Dropbox falls behind with 2GB, but you can increase free storage by inviting friends to use the service.

Apple iCloud is most convenient if you use all the latest Apple products (iOS5 and later). Syncing from Macs, iPhones, iPads, iTunes, iWorks, etc. can be done with a few clicks and you can set regular automated backup updates for all your devices.

Additional features like device tracking and remote control are a huge plus. However, you cannot put MS Office or Adobe files on iCloud, which can be a significant setback as Pages is not really the most common wordprocesser just yet.

If you are not entirely an Apple junkie and seek a common platform for your Android, PC and Apple devices (old ones too!), as well as software from all makers, you could go for Dropbox or Google Drive.

The backup won’t be as wholesomely integrated with your device. For example, you will have to manually upload all songs each time instead of enjoying automatic iTunes sync every time you go online.

On the other hand, Dropbox makes public sharing possible and Google Drive allows group editing of documents in real time online. So they will be more useful if you work in a team and often need to share documents.


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