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PostHeaderIcon The Amazing Trip of Technology Development in this Last Century

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In this development of technology era, everybody feels that they can do a lot easier and better in everything with some gadget in their hands. Let’s take Smartphone, for instance. You know that cell phone had a bombastic effect to humankind’s life about 10 years ago. It told that everybody can reach any people they want to talk just push a “green” button in his or her cell phone easily during any activities without having to stay in same position just like when we call someone with regular cable phone. Besides talking in wireless, technology drag to other simple world which is talking with syllable or we always call it by texting. I don’t know why, but I’m more amazed with texting invention than talking in cell phone because sometimes express something with writing is more speakable and giving more courage than speak with our tongue. But trust me I don’t agree with some people who ask break up with their boy or girl friends via SMS. Oh my god, chicken for ones who do that.

Back to Smartphone topic, this kind of gadget is like answer the prayers or such people who can’t live with internet access in even just one day. Yes, we can’t forget that internet is the biggest invention ever for this last century. For information source, you can get everything from putting particular key word in your search engine. For social needs, you can make as many friends as you can by having facebook account or any social network sites. To check plagiarism error of a writing you read, you can check easily with plagiarism checker provided some websites.

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