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PostHeaderIcon 5 Easy Tips to Help You Write Great Headlines

Tips For Writing Great Headlines

In a world filled with noise, how do you get people to actually read what you write?

I believe you definitely want your posts read by many people, right?

Well, in order to make the readers want to read your article, you need more than just great content. Determining factor that will make your content will be read is a great headline!

Great headlines can make great difference whether your post is read or not by your readers. It was the first thing that will give the biggest impression and attract the attention of your readers. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon 6 Ways To Write Great Blog Post Introductions

How To Write Great Blog Post Introductions

How to write great blog post introductions?

Have you ever thought about it?
If your answer is yes, it means you are included in one of the lucky people. Because the rise of such question in your mind shows that you are a blogger who wants to keep growing.

Indeed, one of the most important parts of your blog post is a great introduction. By having the perfect blog post introductions, the possibility of your article will be read by readers who accidentally visited your blog will be higher.

The introduction is very important because it will be read first. If you have an interesting introduction, your readers will surely read the whole post. Read the rest of this entry »



PostHeaderIcon 6 Simple Ways To Lose Your Readership

Simple Ways To Lose Your Readership

Are you aware that there are some things that you are or aren’t doing will make you lose your readership?

If the question above touches your curiosity, it means that your curiosity will save you. This article will discuss some simple ways to lose your readership. You can avoid losing it by reading this article till the end.

We all know that none of blog owners who want to lose their readership. It was a disaster. You also definitely don’t want to do something that will make you lose your readership, don’t you?

So, let’s get started..
Here the 6 simple ways to lose your readership. Get to know early on what actions will make your readers away from your blog. Once you know it, all you have to do is do the opposite action! Read the rest of this entry »



PostHeaderIcon 5 Tips to Write Good Blog Posts

How To Write Good Blog Posts

I’m sure, everyone knows that one key to success in blogging is to create great content for your readers. The content that’s not only solves the reader’s problem, but also content that provides value to your readers as well.

How to create posts that can attract readers?
Moreover, how to make the readers keep interested to visit my blog?

If such questions often arise in your mind, then you’re reading the right article. This article will discuss about tips on how to create posts that can make your readers come back to visit your website.

Discover and follow these 5 tips to enable you to create articles that are not only well read, but also make your readers coming back and back again for sure. Here they are: Read the rest of this entry »



PostHeaderIcon 9 Blogging Mistakes That Make Your Audience Run Away

Blogging Mistakes

Do you ever suffer from information overload?

Yes, I do.

When I tried to find information about a topic, I found a lot of blog posts, ideas, or news that makes me dizzy. I received a lot of information and sometimes the information is always different and contradicts each other.

Gosh! I’m very confused with all of it.

Well, that’s the internet for you.

Although not all of them, internet is filled by junk information that are not worth taking. In the internet, you should be wise to sort out the information.

If you are a serious blogger, don’t waste your reader’s time by providing useless information. There are two types of useless information: Read the rest of this entry »

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