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PostHeaderIcon Beware the Threat of Ransomware (Infographic)

Beware the Threat of Ransomware (Infographic)

Ransomware is a malicious computer activity which derives its name from the nature in which hackers infiltrate your device.

By rendering it unusable until such time as you pay a defined fee, you are essentially being held to ransom for the use of your computer.

It’s a highly advanced and damaging activity that has been targeted not only at individual users, but even schools and hospitals. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon 4 Ways To Protect Yourself From the ‘Heartbleed’ Bug

Protect Yourself From HeartbleedRecently, the internet world is within hustle talking about a bug in OpenSSL that is named Heartbleed. Because of this dangerous bug, many websites that use SSL (in the protocol becomes https://) revoke their SSL certificates and create new ones, update to the latest version of OpenSSL, reset all users passwords or warn the users to change the password.

What can be done by Heartbleed is increasing the risks of cyber crimes. It was bad, right?

There are many theories evolving about the Heartbleed, started from the evil potential what could happen, how the security of user data and much more. However, let’s leave it all first. Let us focus on what we can do as users: Yes, we have to protect our personal data! Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Google Patented ‘Ugly Face’ As Password

There is always a way for Google to innovate. Currently Google has made innovations to improve the safety of smartphones users. Google has a new way to tighten the security of the device. If previously existing features Face Unlock, Google has now patented the latest unlock method, which displays the ugly face. Read the rest of this entry »

PostHeaderIcon Main Questions you need to Ask before Get Computer Services

Computer Services

When you are having problems with your computers, you need to ask several questions before having your repairing services. There are several technicians that will try to get more money from you. They will try to make you spend more money to fixing your computer. To avoid such things happened, you can try to ask some simple question here and see how they responses. First question is about their action for your computer problem. You can ask: “Do you erase all infections or try to solve the problem happened because of infection?” This question can help you realize about their professional way of working. When they only say about erasing all the infection, you need to think twice. It will be easy to download a program to solve your infection problem. The main problem is about how to solve your computer problem until its main cause. You have to make sure that all data that may infect are being cleaned by the computer shop. The next question is about your data. You need to ask them: “Am I going to lose my computer files?” Everyone definitely does not want to lose any data from their computer. You can ask them to make back up all files for all your computer data. You need to do this to keep your data on your computer safe. Read the rest of this entry »

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