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It has been a while now since my last post. 😀

Been playing with Instagram for a while now and got much valuable knowledge, but I realized one thing: money comes from ads.

Either I have blogs or good Instagram account, the money comes mostly by displaying ads on our blogs/account.

Now there are polite, forced, and even malicious ads I’ve encountered. The one (in form of links) that sometimes I put on my blogs which match the article’s content, is a polite one because the visitors have a choice to click the ads or not.

Then there’s a forced ones which are placed on an ads-stuffed website which sometimes automatically open links that we don’t want to visit. This is annoying for the most case and risky.

We should be redirected to ads consciously and with full awareness. And finally, among the forced ones usually there are the malicious ads which are not only open links automatically but also download or run malicious script that can damage our computer.

Those ways of displaying ads have been exist for a long time. Advertisers and publishers are getting desperate to make money that sometimes they don’t think about the way and the where it is displayed.

But we, visitors, are getting smarter. We eventually found AdBlock. I’ve been using it for few years. It did its job, but publishers and advertisers then install anti-AdBlock.

Either the sites will block me or ask nicely to disable the AdBlock for contents that is meant for FREE. Instead of getting more money, this kind of system caused a loss of $22 billion for web publishers.

Then I found ADZbuzz.

They just did a soft launching last week and introduce a whole new level of advertising system which benefits everyone.

The visitors can get free content without being interrupted by advertisement breaks and malicious free auto-script ads.

Companies can advertise efficiently and save their money. And publishers get their fair share.

What will ADZbuzz do?

  • Provide a high quality content discovery platform
  • ADZbuzz Ublock: Convenient and faster web browsing by blocking all annoying trackers and ads
  • ADZbuzz Savers: centralized advertising where it matters, search engine for customers with buying intent and they can compare the results with each other. And YES: publishers can still get their money. 😀
  • Prevent malicious ads
  • Save bandwidth, because sometimes there are ads which run videos without my permission.
  • Give good reputation to advertisers and publishers because of using this new way of “Polite Ads”
  • It’s FREE of charge


There will even be ADZcoin digital currency (like BitCoin) that can be converted into cash and as easy as PayPal.

I’ve just installed the ADZbuzz Ublock and will try it more later. But I’m really excited and can’t wait for them to launch ALL the products especially the full blown Ublock and ADZbuzz Savers. If you also want to see how the projects are doing, let’s monitor them here.

That’s all my finding, thought I’d share it with you all.

What do you think about ads? You block them… or ignore them? Or maybe you’re like me, sometimes clicking them just for fun, and helping the publishers too of course, haha.

Don’t forget to share… for healthy internet use 🙂


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