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TV Aerial Systems Provider in London

TV Aerial Systems Provider in London

Do you love watching TV?

I do.

If you live in London and surrounding countries, you must have heard the free digital TV service called Freeview.

Yes, with Freeview you can have free TV channels, interactive programmes, and also radio.. for life. Well, you actually still need few equipments to receive the signal.

You will still need the TV itself (with built-in Freeview receiver or not), television aerial and other installation equipments.

If you decide to be a DIY-ers (do it yourself), then you will have to know every single thing on how to do it including TV aerial choices and placement, digital reception levels, knowledge of signal, equipments needed, and last but the most important: safety.

Installing without knowing the safety will expose you and your environment to grave danger, a lightning hit that lead to fire, electrocution, and etc.

If you are an adventurous type, I’m sure you will take that risk. But I personally don’t want to; because it’s something I’m not familiar with.

If you leave a problem to someone who is not the expert of it, you are waiting for disaster to happen. That’s why I hired professional (the best) people to do it in my country.

There are many companies which provide TV aerial installation service. But in London, is one of the best service provider when it comes to TV aerial systems.

Located in Sidcup, this company is established in 2009. Years of experience in TV aerial systems, have given them consistent positive reviews from customers.

Reviews of London Aerial Systems

London Aerial Systems offers many services such as digital TV aerial installation, satellite installation service and repair, serial service and repair, communal aerial system services, European satellite TV installation, multiroom TV installation, and etc with 3 year guarantee.

The multiroom option is best if you want to watch from multiple devices by just installing single aerial dish. The service is conducted by professional local engineers with years of experience in the field.

They have their own engineers and don’t use other 3rd party companies. The engineers have City & Guilds NVQ level 2 qualifications which mean that they can do what to be expected from them.

They earned it by testing their knowledge, understanding and performance by doing certain tasks directly in their workplace. And most importantly, they can adapt to future requirements and changes.

The engineers are also given a CRB check (Criminal Record Bureau check) and these documents are available for you before working in your business or home.

London Aerial Systems local engineers know London and the surrounding areas have depth knowledge of signal reception level like we talked about before.

They will be happy just to talk to you about your need, going through options, provide best choice of package and equipments for you.

If you’re interested you can ask for options and price estimation, ask all kind of questions, and get answers that are easy to understand.

This shows how satisfied their customers are. If only I have that kind of provider in my country.

Review of London Aerial Systems

What about you, do you have this kind of service in your country?
Or do you have any other technology to watch TV?

Let me know your thoughts by writing them in the comments field below. Thanks for reading!


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