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Increase Newsletter Readership

There are many studies that have been done related to the newsletter readership. From these studies, there is one thing in common: none of them reported a 100 percent open rate.

To increase newsletters readership is not an easy work. You should know some important things about your readers, their psychological minds and make it as an advantage for you.

There are thousands of newsletters written and sent by businesses, but not all the newsletters were read by the readers. It’s too bad, isn’t it?

If only you could increase the effectiveness of your newsletters, then your readers will increase significantly as well.

So, what should I do to increase newsletter open rate?

There are a few things you should consider to increase newsletter readership. Here are some strategies that deserve to be taken into your consideration:

1. Time Received

The delivery time of your newsletter has a great influence whether it will be opened or not. So, it’s important for you to have a proper schedule in sending your newsletters.

Monthly or weekly, it’s up to you.

Your decision in determining the right time to send the newsletters should be based on the type of your business and behavior or habits of your readers or subscribers.

You may send on Monday morning, if your business relates to important information.

Or, if your business related to travel agency, then you can send newsletters on Friday when everyone is getting ready for the vacation at the end of the week.

2. Time to Read

Due to wide and fast information age, you have to realize that you are not the only one who sends messages to subscribers or readers. Yes, their email will be bombarded by a lot of messages at once.

All you have to do is make your newsletters brief. Make your newsletters can be understood even though it’s only briefly seen.

3. The Style of Writing

Style of Writing

There are two things that must be done by a reporter in reporting. First, tell the story in the third person and second, tell important facts in the first place.

Make a few words (about 30 to 35 words) introduction paragraph that tells the important points of your newsletter. And then, it’s followed by the next paragraph that gives information according to it’s importance.

Psychologically, long paragraphs will make the reader’s eyes lost focus in digesting its contents. It also makes the eyes get lost in bunch of words. So, make your paragraphs as short as possible.

NB: If you are a blogger who wants to know how to write a good blog post, I have written it a while ago and you can read the article here.

4. Relevance

There is only one wish desired by readers or subscribers of the newsletters, they want the information to make them more successful. So, your newsletters must have relevance with that.

Try to personalize your newsletter. By doing so, the information you provide to your subscribers will definitely have a clear relevance to their goals. The result is; you will get more readers.

5. Engagement

Whatever you do, if you want to increase your newsletter open rate, then you should immediately engage with your subscribers.

It’s important for you to engage with your subscribers as soon as possible, and the best place to get your subscribers attention is on the subject line of your newsletters.

Your subject line should be able to give your subscribers an idea on what information would you give to them. Every piece of information should be marked with different signs in the subject line.

6. Clearness and Readable

As you know, your headline should be clear and bold. If not, your customers will not be interested to see it in the first place. The font size is also adjustable to the size of your newsletter.

Attain your newsletter so that it’s easily read by your customers. You may use font size 10-12 points and choose the type of font that is easy to read even in a bunch of words.


Newsletters were like a form of art in business. To be able to make a good newsletter, you need to research, design and writing at once. It can’t be helped since it’s one way of marketing that allows you to connect with your subscribers.

The best way to see if your newsletters have good quality is to set yourself up as the recipient of the newsletter. That way, you will know the weaknesses in your newsletters.

I hope this article could be useful for you. Feel free to share it if you find it deserves to be shared. And, I would be very grateful if you do that. Thanks for reading.



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18 Responses to “6 Strategies to Increase Newsletter Readership”

  • Larry Rivera says:

    Hi Nanda, great post lots of good points. From my experience online I’d say the most important thing to come up with in your newsletter are good headlines..

    Headlines will mean the difference between your email getting opened or not…

    I was always taught the three most important things in your newsletter are the

    1. Headlines

    2. The link you wan them to click

    3. Your closing…..

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    • Hi Larry,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for the engagement:)

      Yes, I agree with you.
      Headlines also determine whether your email will be opened or not, whether we realize it or not, it is indeed very determining.

      I am very pleased with the points that you provide. I think, it would be very useful for my readers who also read this comment. Thanks for that. 😉

      Thanks for your nice words.
      Thanks for adding your voice in here as well, Larry. 😀

      All the best for you and have a nice day!

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 6 Strategies to Increase Newsletter ReadershipMy Profile

  • Hi Nanda,

    You have given great strategies for Newsletter readership! It is quite the art of writing isn’t it?

    The first thing I tell people who opt in is to “whitelist” my email. A good thing to prevent me from going to their spam box!

    Then we have to take into consideration not to bombard them with too much. There is so many things to read per day. But as long as we are giving them good content, leaving a cliff hanger to help with the next one we give…it works out pretty well.

    I like the way you explained style because that is one of the key factors to get people to keep on reading.

    And Engagement is the key! We cannot skip a beat, otherwise we get lost.

    Thanks for these tips!

    donna merrill recommend you to read >> Sales Funnels In 2015My Profile

    • Hi Donna,

      I forgot to include that point here, to “whitelist” email. I think it’s important. As you said, to prevent our emails into the spam box. Thank you for reminding me, Donna. 🙂

      Yes, all you have said is very true. Seems I heard something from someone who has been an expert in this field. I am glad you wrote here.

      Thanks for your sweet words. I really appreciate it 😉
      Do have a wonderful week ahead, Donna!

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 6 Strategies to Increase Newsletter ReadershipMy Profile

  • Adrienne says:

    Hey Nanda,

    I’m not sure there really is a strategy to increase readership. Granted, if I sign up for someone’s list and they are always over delivering then I’m going to be sure to open and read their newsletter period. It won’t matter what day or time it’s sent or even what the headline says.

    I read a post not long ago about a similar topic and I think that people will read your newsletter for the most part if you have a relationship with them. That brings me back to what I just said about not caring about the headline, the time of day or subject matter. If you have a relationship with that person then you’re more open to reading what they send.

    I start mine out with a conversation so I think we each just have to find what works best for us. That’s been my experience at least. I wish there was a one size fits all layout though.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this and enjoy the rest of your week.

    Adrienne recommend you to read >> 2015 Is Officially Here; Are You Ready To BlogMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Glad to see you here. 🙂
      Yes, it is true. I think, if someone signed up because they want to get something from someone, it is fine. However, I am sure, there are many people who sign up for something else, not because they want to get news of them, who knows. 😀

      I strongly agree with you. If we have an attachment to someone, then we would have to read anything that was sent to us. It is the strength of a relationship. You get the point there, Adrienne.

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Adrienne.
      This is nice advice and great comment. Thanks for adding your voice in here. I hope you can enjoy your week as well. 🙂

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  • mvenkat K says:

    hi nanda all 6 steps are unique, I am so much impressed, in the hurry world we have no time, but if we want success we can spend more time on reading newsletters this is very helpful thank you
    mvenkat K recommend you to read >> Live streaming India vs Australia Carlton Mid ODI Tri Series 2015 Cricket MatchMy Profile

  • Mi Muba says:

    Hi Nanda

    A post on an important but equally neglected topic.

    The power of Newsletter can’t be overlooked in this age of information explosion where everyone wants to the most relevant and compact information which he wants to apply in his profession.

    You well mentioned six winning strategies to make our newsletter popular and widely read.

    A my green blog I earlier used to issue a weekly newsletter but due to may heavy engagements at my money blog I could not have continue it. But now after reading this post I am thinking to restart it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very useful post.
    Mi Muba recommend you to read >> How to create this unique product in 30 minutes only?My Profile

    • Hi Mi,

      Great to see you here. 🙂
      Yes, you are right. News letter has been wider scope and it can not be ignored anymore. We have to make people read our news letter.

      I’m sorry to hear you can not continue anymore in your green blog. I hope this article useful to you in your green blog success. I’m glad you found this article useful as well. 😀

      Thanks for adding your voice in here, Mi.
      Do have a wonderful weekend.

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> Understanding Web Hosting Choices, Types and TermsMy Profile

  • Hey Nanda,

    You’ve made some great points to increase readership for newsletters. I’ve been increasing the readership on for my broadcast emails and from my experience the Headline, the length of email, the relevancy, transparency and consistency have played a major roll.

    But I do have to agree with Adrienne. From my experience, the relationship plays a major roll as to if your newsletter is going to be read or not. If there’s no rapport, then more than likely your newsletter is only going to be read by those that you do have a rapport with.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great weekend!
    Sherman Smith recommend you to read >> To Do List For The New YearMy Profile

    • Hi Sherman,

      Yes, you’ve got the point there. I agree with you. Something that is gained from experience is very valuable, indeed. 🙂

      Yes, of course I also was on the same track with Adrienne. A relationship is important in any case, whether in business or newsletter.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding your voice in here.
      Glad to see you here and have a nice weekend for you!

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> Understanding Web Hosting Choices, Types and TermsMy Profile

  • Ron Killian says:

    Some good tips Nanda. Sure to help folks.

    I will echo what others have said, that the relationship before you even get them on your list, and after can be so important. This alone could make a HUGE difference in your open rate.

    I have a little different take on subject lines, but yes, they can be important and get more of your emails opened.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Ron Killian recommend you to read >> The Great Subject Line MythMy Profile

    • Hi Ron,

      Welcome to my blog and thanks for the engagement 🙂

      Yes, I agree with you. As mentioned by Adrienne. The relationship is an important factor to increase your open rate.

      You are welcome, Ron.
      It was my pleasure to added value.
      Thanks for stopping by and adding your voice in here as well. 😉

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 7 Great Tips How to Use Tags EffectivelyMy Profile

  • Mark says:

    Engagement is extremely important as you stressed Nanda!

    And like you pointed out, their inboxes are literally jammed packed
    with a ton of others vying for our subscribers attention!

    So any and everything that can be done to increase their engagement,on
    as many levels as possible, only makes it better for us in the long run!

    And being as relevant and engaging as possible, as you expertly pointed out,
    are literally two the best ways of doing so!
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