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A website can be designed in various ways and the current trends always affect the designing style of web designers. One of the current trends in website design is the use of ribbons.

If you take a look at the web world, you will find that many websites have implemented ribbons in the layout to make it beautiful and convey some messages visually to the visitors.

The use of ribbon became popular over the years because it can draw visitors’ attention to certain parts of a site by creating an illusion of depth.

A ribbon can be more effective if you use 3D effects and contrasting colours. If you are planning to create a new website, then here are some ideas for using ribbons in the website layout.

Use It for Navigation

You can use a large ribbon across the top part of your website for designing the website menu. Make it large so that it captures visitors’ attention immediately. Navigation of a website plays a crucial role in usability and by making the navigation easily accessible you can keep the customers happy.

Place It on Header Area

When used as header, ribbon can increase the visual appeal of a website. As the site name and logo will be placed inside the header, people will immediately notice the brand name and logo. Select a colour that complements rest of the page.

Use It as Background

Suppose you want to tell your customers that you are offering a sale and add the product images on the homepage. Since product images will be in the forefront, you can use a few ribbons for designing the background to share important data about the sale.

For example, “The sale is live from 12pm tomorrow and ends 48 hours later.” While checking the product images, people will read the information and come back to your site next day before 12pm to get the best products at reduced rates.

Use It for Footer

Do you want to give your website a gift wrap look? Then you can place a ribbon at the header as well as footer area. Since header and footer area features some important navigational links, using the ribbon you can highlight those links.

Design Attractive Call to Action


Every website needs to feature a call to action to increase conversion rate. Whether you want people to “call” or “sign up for the newsletter”, you can use a ribbon to showcase the call to action.

Generally people write the call to action message inside the website body content, but the problem with that strategy is that if people don’t read the website content thoroughly, they will never know what you want them to do. On the other hand, when you post the call to action message inside a ribbon, everyone gets to see it.

Use Large Ribbons

Large ribbons can also be used in a website for increasing its beauty. Some people think that large ribbons make the website look feminine, but it is a myth. The look of a website completely depends upon your designing skills and ideas.

Try Many Ribbons

If your website has many pages and you want the customers read 3-4 pages at first because those pages can help them know about your business and the products/services you sell, then you can use multiple ribbons to draw visitors to only those pages. Give synopsis of the important pages in columns, on the homepage, and write the page names inside the ribbons. For example, “about us”, “what we offer”, “how to buy”.

As you can see, ribbons can be used for designing the website beautifully and conveying messages effectively.

Author bio: George Crow is a website designer and he specializes on WordPress CMS. You can read his other article by visiting our website here.



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