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SEO is Dead

As long as internet exists and there is the provision for selling products, SEO will live. Every ecommerce website will require traffic and the marketers will have to conceive plans to ensure that the best audience reach their websites in order to boost up their sales.

So the frequent suggestion that SEO is dead does not hold ground. But the concern about the future of SEO is relevant. What has happened over the years is that changes have been introduced in the way search engines work.

With the latest updates, Google has ensured that the unnecessary uses of keywords are nullified. Hence, the future of SEO now is dependent on how the new rules and regulations are applied and the existing techniques are altered accordingly.

There are several new techniques that the SEO experts need to adapt in order to ensure that their campaigns are working properly:

Think Beyond Keywords

For a long, long time, SEO was all about keywords. The process would begin with brainstorming about keywords, researching on it and once the research is done the list of keywords would be assigned to the web pages and their content pieces.

For the next stage links were built and traffic tracked from those same set of keywords and then the adjustments were made. This was what SEO processes were all about.

The problem is that search engine traffic is not about just keywords anymore. It is about suggestive queries rather than one original keyword.

But it would be wrong to state that the keyword-driven approach is completely dead. The focus, however, has shifted more to content than keywords. Such facts have been taken into account by every top SEO company in India and elsewhere.

Authority and Pages

This means that the need of the hour is to shift the focus on directing traffic to the web pages. Content here has a big role to play. It is easier to drive traffic to a webpage that has good quality of content regardless what kind of keywords have been provided.

A content oriented approach helps in building topical authority which interests Google as well. Shifting one’s focus from the keywords to the web pages refer to the fact that now the professionals can show the traffic that is arriving through the built links.

This will help in building an approach that instead of building a website and then proceeding with SEO work, the process should be considered throughout the development stages.


Brand Building

To a certain extent brand building is part of topical authority as well. The entire process of link building effort including guest blogging, press releases and sharing of content are part of the search engine optimization.

The Mobile Perspective

The internet is being accessed more and more through the handheld devices. As a result mobile SEO is becoming a necessity as the percentage of mobile users continue rising. As a result the SEO experts in future will also have to take into account this factor.

Community Growth

The SEO community is on the rise. With each passing day the community is growing stronger and it is no more about the trial and error approach. With passing time SEO is becoming more scientific and the professionals are dedicated and more organized in their work.

New Target Questions

They are also looking into natural language queries and the Google scanners can now directly focus on the context instead of focusing on keywords. Thus, the keywords are nearly useless except for PPC and content should be rich and relevant while being developed for web pages.


Google heavily penalizes the websites that do not conform to the new SEO rules. On one hand it is effectively cutting down the spam sites but at the same time this can also adversely affect the websites that are merely linked to poor sources.


Finally, it is time to merge the SEO and SMO so that better results can be achieved. SEO is living and will continue to do so as long as there are websites that require traffic to survive.


Author bio: Robin Smith works in a top SEO company in India. In this article he explains why SEO is still not dead.


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