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Responsive Web Design

Successfully achieving responsive web design in reality is a challenging task. In this primer some advanced design elements and techniques are highlighted which will help you to create impressive responsive websites.

If you have the basic knowledge of web design it will help you to work with the advanced features. The three main components of responsive design are flexible grids, flexible media and layout.

In the last few years responsive web design has emerged as a popular web design trends which are being adopted. You can earn great revenues and attain high conversion rates with responsive design. Managing content on one site is easier.

Making Use of Floats

Floats are an important and handy tool which is used in web design. There are several advantages of using floats. With the help of this tool wrapping text is easy. With ease columns can be aligned to the left or the right.

You can easily reverse the order of the float items with the help of float left or float right. This tool is supported on most of the browsers. Floats are responsive layouts which can be implemented easily. In some situations you may have to make use of other tools.

Important Tools

Display table cell is an important tool which you can use to align content vertically and when you need columns in a row to be of the same height.

With the help of CSS you can easily make set of elements a table by making use of display: table. This tool is fully supported on all browsers.

Flexbox is another handy tool which is very useful in many situations. There are several benefits of using Flexbox. After understanding it, writing CSS for Flexbox is easy.

Responsive web design is evolving fast. Number of tools available today is greater in number. Several new methods and ideas have evolved today which make responsive web design easier.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Website Design

There are several advantages of using responsive web design. It offers better user experience and an optimum visual experience for users who use several devices.

You do not have to create separate content for a mobile website which makes the content consistent for all devices. As Google has shown grater preference to responsive web designs, it will lead to better rankings in the future.

Responsive web design reduces the time and effort which is required to manage two different platforms. A responsive website adapts easily to any screen it is displayed on.

Adopted Widely

Responsive web design plays a crucial role today. When you create content for a responsive website it needs to be focused and based on the target. Most ecommerce and news sites have adopted the responsive web design approach.

The design should be simple and minimal which ensures that users have the same experience across different platforms.

Responsive web design reduces the time which you spend on duplication. You only have to apply updates to a website. Media queries are used by responsive web design to figure out the resolution of the device which it will be used for.

Recent Developments

With the help of responsive web design you can create more engaging content experiences. This form of web design is very important for web publishers. With responsive web design you can connect with audiences deeply.

Recent trends in responsive web design indicate that it is much more than choosing right break points, doubling image size and throwing media queries.

In search of the perfect technology designers and developers are coming up with better solutions. You can expect more tools and techniques to emerge which will make responsive web design an important component of web designing.

Author Bio: Stephan Cyrus is well informed about web design and internet marketing. He feels that responsive web design is here to stay as there is an increase in number of web users who access the internet through different devices. To know about top 10 web design companies –


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