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Blogging Mistakes

Do you ever suffer from information overload?

Yes, I do.

When I tried to find information about a topic, I found a lot of blog posts, ideas, or news that makes me dizzy. I received a lot of information and sometimes the information is always different and contradicts each other.

Gosh! I’m very confused with all of it.

Well, that’s the internet for you.

Although not all of them, internet is filled by junk information that are not worth taking. In the internet, you should be wise to sort out the information.

If you are a serious blogger, don’t waste your reader’s time by providing useless information. There are two types of useless information:

  • The information that completely useless >> You discuss about something. Although you don’t discuss it, there will be no single person who was curious about it. That’s completely useless information.
  • Useful information in the wrong packaging >> You make a good post but somehow, your readers don’t understand what you pointed out. Yes, that’s blogging mistakes mostly done by bloggers 🙂

And in this post, I will try to minimize the effects of these blogging mistakes. I’ll discuss one by one and I hope you can take benefit from it and avoid these mistakes as well.

Then, let’s get started..

Here are 9 blogging mistakes that will waste your reader’s time. In the worst case, the readers will run away from your blog.  So, check these out:

Mistake #1: You Make It Complex

Make The Complex SimpleI often hear that the more complex you explain about something, then the more intelligent you are. Typically, people with high academic level will use complicated terms in speech.

The question is;

How can they be said to be more intelligent if they use words that are not even understood by others?

If you are an intelligent blogger, try to explain complex things in a simple story.

You have to respect your reader’s time. Don’t let your readers spend a lot of time to digest your words. Help your readers to save their time by presenting awesome content with words and simple messages.

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

Tips for you >> Try to make your articles as easy as possible to read. Create an article as if you are writing to someone who was 14 years old. Show to your audience that you value their time.

Mistake #2: You are Too Focused On Yourself

The cruel facts that you should know about the readers are: They are not interested in you or your life. They are only interested in information or benefits that you provide to them through your content.

So, avoid making an article about you or your life. If you are a blogger, then your job is to help your readers or guide and inspire them.

If you want to tell about yourself, then you can create a “about” page.

Well, it’s okay if you share your experiences though, it can give a new color on your content. However, make sure your experience is useful to the readers and deserve to be shared.

Tips for you >> Ask these kind of questions every time you create an article about your life or your experiences: What benefits can I give to my readers from these experiences? Does it can help them to solve their problems?

Mistake #3: You Impose To Publish A Blog Post Every Day

Quote Mistakes

Do you think your readers would be happy if you publish a post without adding a little value for them?

If you don’t add value to your post, then don’t publish it!
You will only waste your reader’s time and waste their precious pixels.

Tips for you >> You have to write when you have something useful to say. You don’t have to publish posts every day. For your readers, one post that inspires them is better than 10 crappy posts with spun content.

Mistake #4: You Write For Search Engines

You will not be able to attract the reader’s attention if you just write for robots. There will be no people who are interested to read a post that is filled with regurgitated excessive keywords. Keep it within your mind!

If you are a serious blogger, then you must write more for humans. You should not let Google make you lose your creativity. Your readers are humans, not robots!

Tips for you >> The main purpose of your writing is for the readers. So, make a post with your audience as a top priority. You can optimize for search engines later on.

Mistake #5: You Are Too Concerned With The Word Count

There are many people who say that the more content you have the better it is. However, for some reason this is wrong.

You are allowed to make a long article if there are many messages in it.

And, it could be wrong when you can communicate the whole message in your article with 500 words, but you make it to 700 words. That’s completely wrong.

Tips for you >> Communicate the message in your article with the as short article as possible. Value your audience’s time.

Mistake #6: You Have Boring Conclusions

Well, this is the most common mistake.

You’re making a quality article and when it came to the conclusion, you make a boring conclusion. As a result, the entire article was boring as well. It was terrible, right?

Tips for you >> Write your conclusion first. Alternatively, you can write it the day after you finish the article. Give it time to refresh your mind first. Then, put your whole energy to make a conclusion that energizes, motivates and inspires your readers. 🙂

Mistake #7: You Write Without Knowing Your Target Audience

Keep Calm And Learn From Your Mistakes

As a blogger, have a lot of readers for each of your posts is that you certainly dreamed of. However, you should not make it exist in your mind when making a post.

To be able to make a nice and useful post, you must have a clear target audience. You just waste space on your blog if you don’t know who your audience yet.

Instead of thinking about writing for hundreds of people, try to imagine an imaginary friend and you have a simple conversation with her/him. Then, make an article based on these:

  • Write something that makes her/him interested and can make her/him stay up all night.
  • Write something that could eliminate her/him worries.
  • Write some ideas that could help her/him overcome their problems in your article.

Tips for you >> When you make your next article, assuming that you wrote to one friend. That way, your article will be more conversational, more attractive and more personal for each of your readers.

Mistake #8: You Don’t Put Your Passion In Writing

Why should your readers care if you don’t care about your own article?

If you want to make a good post, then don’t forget to include your passion in it. Writing was comes from your heart, it’s the heart’s voice.

Something that comes from the heart will reach the heart.

Tips for you >> Write when you have enthusiasm for something. Your passion will polish some mistakes that may occur in your article. Your feelings will reach the readers. That’s the most important thing for you!

Mistake #9: You Don’t Show Your Personality

Show Your Personality

We all know that there are so many bloggers who write articles with the same topic with you.

So, what makes you different from others?

What makes you special?

Yes, that’s the personality.

Let your personality shine in each of your articles. That way, the readers would prefer yours, and it wasn’t because the article, but by your personality that exist in the article.

So, what should I do to let my personality shine in my article?

Okay, I’ll share some ways that you can use to let your personality shine and boost the value of your article. Here they are:

  • Provide a fresh perspective on hot topics.
  • Provide contradictory approaches on certain topics.
  • Entertain the readers with your own sense of humor.
  • Provide your personal experiences to help readers overcome their problems.

Your voice, your experiences and your personality will make your articles unique and different from the others. That’s what keeps your readers coming back!


That’s it! 9 blogging mistakes that will waste your audience’s time, and in the worst case will make your audience run away from your blog. Your reader’s time is precious. Use it wisely.

Then, what blogging mistakes you’ve ever done?
And, what did you do to fix them?



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24 Responses to “9 Blogging Mistakes That Make Your Audience Run Away”

  • Tim Bonner says:

    Hey Nanda

    You’ve covered some really important things that can hold people back when it comes to blogging.

    It can be so easy to start writing for the search engines and put readers off. That’s where not making it about yourself and letting your personality come through in your posts helps.

    The same with making things too complex. People don’t want to have to look things up in a dictionary or Google them to be able to read a post. They want posts to be accessible.

    Useful information Nanda and I know this will help your readers with their blogging endeavours.

    Thank you for linking to my post as well. I appreciate it.
    Tim Bonner recommend you to read >> I Don’t Want To Spend This Much Time On Denial Of Service Attacks. How About You?My Profile

    • Hi Tim,

      Glad to see you here and welcome to my blog 🙂

      Yes, I agree with you. We have to write to readers and let our personality shine in our article. Making it becomes complicated is something to be avoided as well.

      Thank you for your support, Tim.
      I hope this article can really help my readers 🙂

      Your blog has a lot of useful posts and I am very happy to link it to my blog. I also would like to thanks to you as well 😉

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 9 Blogging Mistakes That Make Your Audience Run AwayMy Profile

  • Vicky says:

    Great post,

    Well I guess you’ve shared really absolute points which seems common and I’ve learned something new from this post.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Nanda,

    Complex is silly, and foolish. Simple rocks. Most understand simple, attracting a bigger targeted audience and prospering by sticking to this approach.

    Thanks, smart post!

    Ryan Biddulph recommend you to read >> How Can You Live for a Month on the World’s Second Best Island?My Profile

  • Addison Grey says:

    Hi Nanda,
    Here you again came up with a great post!!!:)
    Being a blogger we made a lots of mistakes like as some time we came up with very poor Content due to this we fail to attract the attention of the audience. All the blogging mistakes that you have mentioned above are very Common in blogging and obviously while blogging we made these mistake we need to overcome from these mistakes.
    Very informative post indeed!!! 🙂
    Thanks fro sharing.
    Keep posting.

    • Hi Addison,

      Thanks for your nice words. Your words strengthen me 🙂

      You’re right, there was a time where the blogger is only concerned with the search engines so that they ignore their audience. However, it doesn’t apply anymore. Now, writing for the readers is an absolute. It’s inevitable.

      Yes, these are the common mistakes that made ​​a lot of people, either intentionally or unintentionally. And my duty to minimize the effects of these blogging mistakes. I hope this article can help other bloggers avoid the same mistakes.

      Thanks for your support, Addison.
      I’ll do my best!! 🙂

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 5 Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business SuccessMy Profile

  • Hi Nanda,
    #2 is important for me.
    You should share and engage more, than focus just on yourself.
    Also, being complex is not suggested in order to proper communicate with your audience. Writing in a simple way is better!

    Thanks for sharing, interesting points!
    Erik Emanuelli recommend you to read >> teliad : a Great Platform You Should Use to Make Money BloggingMy Profile

  • Wally says:

    Great article, great tips.

    Personally, though, I disagree with #2 – at least some of the time. If you have a good, engaging story (from your own life or someone you know), it can be used to increase empathy with your readers (your audience). You can use such a story to demonstrate to the reader that you’ve been in the same situation as they, and here’s how you got out of it. It can be very powerful.

    Thanks for the post.
    Wally recommend you to read >> How to Make a Built-In Bookcase CabinetMy Profile

    • Hi Wally,

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog 🙂

      Yes, that’s what I said with be useful for others and deserve to be shared. Especially if the situation is a situation that is also experienced by many others, of course it would be very interesting for people who have the same situation, as you said 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by and share your thoughts with us, Wally.
      I appreciate it 🙂

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 10 Types of Content That Will Increase Your TrafficMy Profile

  • Samir says:


    Making it complex seems to be really great mistake which would obviously make readers to run away. Actually I too hate complex discussion so all these blogging mistakes seems common.

    Samir recommend you to read >> Download Free Adult Progress Note FormMy Profile

  • SmithLopez says:

    Hi Nanda,

    Really this is a awesome article!!!!

    I agree with you All the 9 way that you have mentioned above is very helpful and useful for us and I am sure all these ways will help a lot of peoples.

    Thank for sharing

    Keep it up

  • Hi Nanda,

    You sure have nailed down these things that will make a reader cringe and have them off your blog in seconds.

    As bloggers, we have to write to people, giving our best ideas to them. And yes, simple is more effective than going into those long pillar posts that no one has time to read.

    I like what you said about putting stuff about us in the “about me” section! Wonderful. There is nothing worse than reading someone’s diary.

    Of course we need to put our personality in our blog. I just did that in my last post you visited. The video of my bad hair day he he he….but point being to persist.

    Great topics!

    donna merrill recommend you to read >> Persistence For Online SuccessMy Profile

    • Hi Donna,

      Yes, you’re right. We write for people and help them. That’s the essence of blogging and I can see it from your blog as well 🙂

      Well, I also don’t really like reading someone’s diary though, if only to talk about ourselves, it would be better if we make it in the “about me” section. That’s another story if we indeed great person, a person with a life story is awaited by others.

      Yes, I liked the post. I love the content and like the video. You did a great job, Donna 😉

      Thanks for your comment and sharing your thoughts with us, Donna.
      I hope you have a splendid week ahead.

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 9 Blogging Mistakes That Make Your Audience Run AwayMy Profile

  • Hi Nanda!

    I love the quote you have in part one with regards to if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough. That is a brilliant sentence to remember.

    The reason that college professors use such flowery “I swallowed a dictionary” terms is because they keep the word count down. A lot of the terms however are wasted on the average Joe or Josephine. Picking the right base language for your audience is very important.

    I am sadly inundated with horrific terms like Homogeneous and Heterogeneous in my current Business Studies degree (along with other windbag terms). How often do you use those in a daily phrase?

    As for writing every day, no, except if what you have is useful.
    Jackson Davies recommend you to read >> Does your audience have time for your value?My Profile

    • Hi Jackson,

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to my blog 🙂

      I’m glad you liked the quote. For information, it is a quote said by Albert Einstein and I think you would already know with that, I guess 😉

      I had the same experience with you when I was in my study period. I’m inundated with terms that I had to try very hard to remember. And as you have said, we don’t use that term as often as that in our lives and why it was not made simply, I think.

      Indeed, adjusting with language of our audience is the most appropriate 😉

      Thanks for stopping by and share your thoughts with us, Jackson.
      I really appreciate it and have a nice week ahead.

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 10 Types of Content That Will Increase Your TrafficMy Profile

  • emmanuel ekainu says:

    hello. i really appreciate you time spent writing this post. i too make the mistakes of posting everyday thinking its the best way to drive traffic to your blog. i’ll make this correction. thanks again
    emmanuel ekainu recommend you to read >> Remember these Safety Precautions Working On Computers.My Profile

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