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Avoid Google Algorithmic PenaltyCan you imagine how deadly the search engine penalties?
Okay, let’s say, you run an online business, and then all of a sudden, your business website knocked off from the tracks. Your business will lose orders. What do you feel when it happened?

Perhaps, that’s a terrible picture of Google algorithmic penalty. So, don’t carelessly run your online business, Google penalty will be ready to crush your business if you are not careful.

Well, I don’t want that happen to you, that’s why I made ​​this article to guide and help you to avoid Google penalty, especially algorithmic penalty. This article gives 6 ways that you can use to avoid Google penalty. Keep thinking positive on Google and keep your income stays high.

However, first of all, let me make clear. You have to understand these 2 things before we talk more about how to avoid Google penalty:

1. I’m not talking about another penalty, but I am talking about algorithmic penalties. I mean, there are 2 types of search engine penalties >> manual penalty and algorithmic penalty

  • Manual penalty: This penalty occurs when there are people from the giant corporate Google (Googleplex) look at your website and decide your website is suspended. If exposed to these penalties, usually you will get a notification from Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Algorithmic Penalty: This penalty occurs when your website violates some of Google’s guidelines and your website will lose its ranking. We all know that Google has a complex algorithm that will determine the fate of our website. If the algorithm’s eyes found you do naughty things on your website, then you will lose your position in search engine results.

2. I’m not talking about recovering from the penalty, I am talking about preventing the penalty. When the penalty algorithmic happen to you, you will get your rank will decrease depending on how badly you violate the guidelines. Recovery is still possible even though gradually. However, at this time, I will explain how to avoid Google’s algorithmic penalty.

Once everything is clear, now we start with the main event. Here are six ways that will avoid you from Google’s algorithmic penalty:

Way #1: Know The Rules, Understand And Follow Them

Google Watching YouIf you don’t want to get a Google penalty, then all you have to do is follow what Google wants you to do. They are the ones who make the rules, regardless of you like it or not, you have to follow their rules. Since Google tell you very clearly “follow our guidelines.”

There is one question for you, do you make your living online? If so, consider this guidelines as your bible. Here is my advice in order to follow the rules: give your audience a killer content. Content that will be useful to them, without any tricks, without lame SEO, just an excellent content!

Actually there are many more, but still, read the guidelines is the most important thing you have to do.

Way #2: Audit Your Content

Perform audit on your content is a must. Perhaps, content audit sounds like something usually done by corporate. However, this is a great way to find out the mistakes that occur on your website. Do content audit, and then you will come out from the Google’s algorithmic penalty shot.

In order to facilitate you in auditing your content, then I give you the ideas about what you should do:

  • Know and understand Google’s guidelines.
  • Once you understood Google’s guidelines, now, look thoroughly every page that exists in your website and make sure everything is following the guidelines. Make sure within your website there is no keyword stuffing, have high-quality content and make sure there are no violations. Make a barrier for Google penalty come to your website.

Just in case, your website has hundreds or even thousands of pages, then you can use Google Analytics to solve the problem. You can go to Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages.

Improve the quality of all your content, with this, you have achieve half success in avoiding Google algorithmic penalties. Since the main cause of Google penalty is spammy content.

Way #3: Clean Up Your Link Profile

Google makes the quality of the link profile as an important factor in indexing your website. Then, what is the link profile? Well, link profile is a list of you links.

I found many cases where people do not perform an audit on their link profile until they get the manual penalty. Why do you have to wait until you get a penalty to do an audit on your link profile? It makes me wonder.

You must clean up your link profile regularly. All was done for your website’s survival. You do it for your website’s sake. Then, do you think tidying up link profile is a difficult work? Well, it’s not as hard as you think.

Here’s how the algorithms rank on your website:

  • The quality of the source links >> links should come from good websites, avoid spammy website.
  • The anchor text used >> use good and related anchor text.

To find your list of links from Google Webmaster Tools, go to Search Traffic > Links to Your Site.

By doing that, then you will get a list of links used by Google to rank your website. Look carefully those links list, then look for problematic links back and optimized anchor text.

If you found links that will harm your site, contact the website’s webmaster via email and ask them to delete the links. Use the disavow tool to delete those links, just in case, the webmaster doesn’t respond your request.

You know, the number 2 cause that will make your website get an algorithmic penalty is spammy backlinks. Because of that, you should keep your link profile remains clean!

Right now, you’ve come to the third way. I think, by applying these three-ways you will be free of Google’s algorithmic penalty target. However, in order to really stay clean, there are some ways that you need to know.

Way #4: Be Careful With Your SEO

Be Careful With Your SEODo you use the SEO agency services to improve your website’s rank?
If that’s the case, you may actually do more harm to your website. But, please don’t think of me badly. Indeed, not all of SEO agency are like that, there are many SEO agencies that will actually improve your website’s rank.

Most SEO services still do things like this:

  • Flooding your website with spammy links.

You should be fully aware the SEO services that you use really help you in running your business website, or instead make your business going down.

However, of course it would be better if you apply SEO by yourself on your website using the latest SEO techniques that really works for you. You will feel the direct benefits by yourself and feel the satisfaction in doing it. And perhaps, you should stop to do something and want an instant results, all success needs a process, right?

Successful SEO techniques are a technique that performed gradually with hard work, persistence and not giving up in the process of doing it. It was not an overnight success!

Way #5: Concern with Google Algorithm Updates

How do you know if you have violated algorithmic rules?
The answer, you should be aware of every algorithm changes.

To obtain the latest information about the algorithm’s changes, moz‘s algorithm change log will do it for you. Try to always be updated with the changes. You will find several changes that will affect your website.

Way #6: Create Killer Content

Create Killer ContentWell, I give the best for the last. Content is king. It’s true. Nothing can beat content in the search world today. And now, this is all you have to do:

  • Produce the best content that can be created by humans in this world and do consistently. Content marketing is not an instant work. Content marketing requires daily work.

If you make a good killer content, you will get visitors who are going to make a click, read, learn and share your content. Your ranking will increase along with many links are coming. Best of all, you will avoid Google algorithmic penalties for sure!


That’s it! 6 ways that will avoid you from Google algorithmic penalty. From this article, you will find that you can win the search game with Google. You have to play smart, know how the algorithm works and do whatever it takes to succeed. As the closing words, I want you to remember one thing: Google penalty can be avoided if you know what you have to do!

Whether algorithmic penalty ever happened to you? Do you know why you get it? And what did you do for recovery?


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