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Pinterest Friendly

Nowadays, Pinterest is quite interesting to be the subject of discussion. With the growing development of social media, there is nothing wrong if we take advantage of it. Many benefits can be obtained when you have a Pinterest Friendly blog or website.

Pinterest became popular due to convenience sticking pictures and favorite photos from our blog. In addition, you can also pin the link from your blog along with the picture. It was very convenient, right?

One way that I use on my blog is by add the “Pin It” button at the picture on my blog. This could increase the chance of your post shared by the others via Pinterest. At least, that’s what I think. 🙂

Through Pinterest, you not only can find cool content, but you can get traffic to your website or blog through your images. If you are a businessman, then Pinterest can be used as an online catalog that will attract visitors to visit your business website.

How Do I Make My Blog Pinterest Friendly?

Well, this time I will share how to keep your blog could be ‘Pinterest Friendly’ by utilizing some plugins recommendation from me. Here it is these plugins. Then, for those who still have not signed up on Pinterest, you can sign up here.

#1. Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

This plugin, Pinterest Pin It Button For Images will display the Pin It button on the images and it will come out as we approach the images with the mouse. Then, you can select the images that you like. With this plugin, you can make your blog becomes Pinterest Friendly. You can directly Pin It the images if it is a good picture of your own.

The weakness of this plugin is that many users are complaining that when this plugin activated, then the position of the image is forced to move to the left or it said the image format also changed. I have tried this plugin before, but I deactivate again because of such problems.

#2. Pinterest Image Pin

Pinterest Image Pin

With this plugin, Pinterest Image Pin you can add a button pin as well as the follow button on every page of your blog posts. It could also appear counter pin of visitors who have already repinned your pin. Usually the pin button will appear at the bottom of each image, making it easier for visitors to share which image you want to share.

#3. Pinterest Pin It Button

Pinterest Pin It Button

This plugin comes with a full feature that allows the readers to repin their favorite images on each page of your blog into their pinboard. You can also set the title and the URL link. By installing this plugin, then Pin It button would appear near each image.

#4. Pinterest Follow Button

Pinterest Follow Button

This Pinterest Follow Button plugin will add a button to follow you on Pinterest. This button is located on your blog sidebar or widget. You can set the size of the image that you want. You can use the HTML code if you find it too complicated.

#5. Auto Pin It Button

This plugin will add a hover effect on your image, make your images become more instant to be shared to Pinterest. This plugin provides 4 types of hovers image which different from each other. Auto Pin It Button plugin can work on iOS devices as well.

#6. Hover Pin-It

Hover Pin-It

Currently, I’m using this plugin to make my blog becomes Pinterest Friendly. Hover Pin-It is a plugin that also add the Pin It button to all your images with a hover effect. I love this plugin because it is simple and user friendly. When this plugin activated, the position of the image and the image format is not changed. You can also customize the style and position of the button.

Those are some plugins that will make your website or your blog becomes Pinterest Friendly. Remember, you only need to use one plugin of all plugins above. The plugin may help improve your website visitors or not. If you want to know the results, you just have to apply it immediately! 😉

Over To You

Are you using one of the these plugins? What are your favorite plugins? Do you have a plugin that you think would make a blog become more Pinterest Friendly? If you have something that you can share with us regarding making the blog becomes Pinterest Friendly, I humbly invite you to join in this discussion. Feel free to write it in the comments field below.

If you found this article useful for you, I would be very happy if you can help me by sharing this article to your friends and your colleagues 🙂

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See you in the next article!


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7 Responses to “6 WordPress Plugins That Makes Your Blog Pinterest Friendly”

  • Adrienne says:

    Hi Nanda,

    Although I always appreciate people sharing my content, I’m not a big Pinterest person myself. I know some bloggers that do well there but I guess in my eyes it’s more for scenery, products, food, stuff like that or at least that’s what I prefer to look at when it comes to images.

    So because I’m not real active there I don’t have all of the necessary connections on my blog to Pinterest. I hate to invite people to follow me on a particular platform when I’m not active there myself.

    I do have the PinIt button though and that’s included with my social share plugin that I just love. I’m real big on not having a lot of unnecessary plugins so this one has been a charm for me.

    Great share though because there are a lot of Pinterest lovers out there. I’m sure they’ll want to know which plugins you can use too!


    • Hi Adrienne,

      Welcome to my blog.
      Well, you know,I just commented on your blog about how to use images on Twitter, and I tell you that I rarely use Twitter. Now, I post about Pinterest, and you said you are not a fan of Pinterest. Is this karma? LOL 🙂

      Yes, I agree. Pinterest is more useful for those who have products to sell online. Since Pinterest just using images. 😉

      I agree, it would be very funny if you invite people to follow you in social media, but they can not see you there. lol

      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts, Adrienne.
      I really appreciate it and have a nice day for you. 🙂

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 6 WordPress Plugins That Makes Your Blog Pinterest FriendlyMy Profile

  • Riya Khurana says:

    Its great feeling to read you blog.Also this article holds very useful information to PInterest Friendly Blog…
    Keep sharing it….:)
    Riya Khurana recommend you to read >> Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Rumored Features,Specifications,Camera,MemoryMy Profile

  • Alize Camp says:

    I’m using Pinterest button on my website and also use Pin for images but not getting much success with Pinterest yet and still don’t know why and where am I wrong.
    Alize Camp recommend you to read >> Buy Google Chromecast + $40 Google Play credit + 3 months Google Music + 2 months Hulu PlusMy Profile

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