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Facebook Marketing Goals
The New Year has come and it flows like water.
Since the New Year has come, it is essential for you to set some goals for your business, especially if you do Facebook marketing. In order to increase your success in Facebook marketing, it is important to establish some Facebook marketing goals in 2014.

When it comes to Facebook marketing, then the questions that arises are why many people do not find success with Facebook marketing? Moreover, what is the reason?

Well, the reason is simple. In general I have seen that the main reason many people fail doing marketing with Facebook is because they do not know everything that is available to them and how to optimize it. In other words, they begin doing Facebook marketing without having sufficient knowledge and without clear goals with Facebook marketing.

All require knowledge! You have to find the right knowledge about Facebook marketing and establish your Facebook marketing goals, because it’s your first step towards success!

Knowing that, I tried to gather 5 goals that can bring you to the Facebook marketing success 2014. Keep experimenting and get the trial and error, my friend! It was a good progress. πŸ™‚

Here we go 5 important Facebook marketing goals 2014:

1. Share More Frequently

Share More FrequentlyYou might have ever heard that you should not post too often because it will make the risk your fans become disturbed becomes higher. And then, you were told to post several times a week.

However the truth now is those rules not applicable anymore. Well, you know, your fans are not online each day and moreover they will not always online when you post something. So, I think it’s fine if you have to post all day. It can make your fans can see your each post. But, it is important to give a little creativity when you post it.

You can try this strategy, share the latest posts from your blog in the morning. In the afternoon, you can share the content from the others, in the evening you can reshare the content that is still fresh, of course, with the different description. By doing this, you will notice an increase traffic to your website.

This is Your Goal for 2014: You should begin to establish an effective post time, consider post at the time you never used before. Make sure all of your fans will read the post that you share. If you have already done so, you can compare the results that you achieve with the time when you posted less frequently.

2. Get Email Subscribers with Link Shares

Get Email SubscribersYou should give the Facebook campaign a shot. In the Facebook campaign, you must separate them with 2 ads: One ad for your email subscribers who are not fans of you and another one are targeted to your fans.

You should be aware that the purpose of this technique is to reach as many visitors as possible to your website. In other words, it’s to increase website traffic. You will forget the valuable groups who can add value to your website if you just focus on your fans.

This is Your Goal for 2014: Try to create custom audiences from all of your email list. Learn the list and be sure to not include people who are already become your fans. Then, all you have to do is targeting audiences from that list.

3. Take Advantage from Sidebar

Indeed, many say that using the sidebar is just a waste of money and time. Since Facebook users always ignore that area. You might think that News Feed is better. But, I have a different mindset.

You can get the best results by using the sidebar more than you know. Indeed, the sidebar area only gets a few clicks. However, there is something that is forgotten: CPM.

For 1,000 impressions on the sidebar only cost $ 0.08. Compared with the News Feed, it is much more efficient. Although in the sidebar click less than the News Feed, however, what you need is not just click, but the desired actions (link clicks, likes, registrations and sales).

This is Your Goal for 2014: You should take advantage the sidebar again. Do not forget to compare the cost per desired actions (mobile and desktop) News Feed. You can take a large sample size to be sure.

4. Create an Online Offer to Attract Customers

One thing you have to do in doing online business is to make offers that will attract your customers towards your store or your website. Facebook Offers will be helpful for you in this matter.

This is Your Goal for 2014: It’s time for you to make the Facebook Offers! Make discounts that are not available elsewhere. Then, all you have to do is compare the results with the results of the techniques that you used before.

5. Compare Link Click from Link Shares with Post Type

Link ClickIn your opinion, what would make you get more clicks? By sharing with Link Shares? Or by sharing a photo?

Although I’m not so sure to say this, but the link shares will get more clicks than other techniques. Well, since it is different for every person, however, there is no harm if you try it.

Perhaps you will ask, why? You know, if you share a photo with link in it and if the photo was shared by a third person, then everything will look different, doesn’t seem like the first time shared. In contrast, if you simply share a link.

Furthermore, think about Graph Search. Facebook also has the ability to seek a post. So, try to imagine, if someone looking for a post with a specific keyword, do you think the results are the photos? Of course not, just links.

This is Your Goal for 2014: You should try it yourself. Try doing link shares for several weeks, then continued with the photos. If you’ve done this test, then you just compare the results.

It was some of the Facebook marketing goals. Every technique in the online business comes from trial and error which done continuously without giving up. All you have to do is trying and apply them to your business.

What Else?

If you have other goals that you have for your Facebook marketing, or maybe you are doing your own experiments in 2014 and have useful tips about Facebook marketing, feel free to write it in the comments field below.

See you in the next article! πŸ™‚


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10 Responses to “5 Facebook Marketing Goals for 2014”

  • Hi Nanda,

    What a timely post for me! Facebook marketing is hot right now. As marketers, we do have to jump on what is working and I’m there! I’m doing all of what you mentioned above!
    I’m getting more conversations and likes on my Fan Page right now using “contests” A free give away each week. It is worth it!
    There are many people out there who don’t understand the power of Facebook marketing. Yes, I believe one has to pay to play! It is worth every cent to me.
    Glad I met you because we think alike! Have a wonderful week ahead,

    donna merrill recommend you to read >> Why Updating Your Blog Is ImportantMy Profile

    • Hi Donna,

      Yes, I agree with you, Facebook marketing is booming right now. Since Facebook has many users, it would be better if we use the opportunity to market our products.

      Your idea create “contests” every week is very nice, Donna. I am sure, this will attract a lot of enthusiasts, especially if the prize offered is very valuable, at least valuable for them πŸ™‚

      Indeed, there are still many people who do not know the power of Facebook marketing, for that reason I create this article and hope this article can be a guide for many people.

      I’m glad you are here and sharing your thoughts with us, Donna.
      Thanks for your time and have a nice day for you!

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 5 Facebook Marketing Goals for 2014My Profile

  • Adrienne says:

    Hey Nanda,

    I’m not a big Facebook fan anymore. Yep, they’ve pretty much lost me now.

    I know you said that people need to post more often if they want their fans to see their information but if they aren’t following your feed they’re not going to see anything unfortunately. That’s why Facebook implemented that you have to pay now in order for your content to be seen.

    I also have an extension on my browser so I don’t see any ads in my sidebar. I find them annoying and I’ve never nor will I ever purchase anything I’ve seen on Facebook and I’m a marketer and business owner.

    Maybe if I invested more time into actually being able to get results I might think differently but I think as often as they change their terms of service I’ve just lost a lot of faith in wanting to put most of my eggs in that one basket to get subscribers and/or traffic to my blog.

    I understand that Facebook is still a very viable source of traffic for most people so I don’t doubt that your tips are great. I’ve just fallen out of love with Facebook! πŸ™


    • Hi Adrienne,

      What a honest comment I got here!
      I really appreciate this honest comment from you, Adrienne πŸ™‚

      Well, I think everyone has a technique that can work and which does not. You do not have to impose a strategy that does not work for you. All you have to do is focus on the techniques and strategies that really work for you. If you do so without giving up, surely the desired results will be obtained.

      Thanks for your honest comment, Adrienne.
      I believe your comments will be taken into consideration for many people.

      Nanda Rahmanius recommend you to read >> 5 Facebook Marketing Goals for 2014My Profile

  • Charmie says:

    Attracting customers and the side bars are really great when it comes to marketing goals.
    Charmie recommend you to read >> Listen, Learn and Lead : 3 Step to an Inevitable BloggingMy Profile

  • Riya Khurana says:

    Great informative article about Facebook Marketing Goals this year….
    Side Bar is one of great feature to attract customers.As we see in Android smartphone.Sidebar feature really give great gesture look to it.So as to facebook.great sharing….:)
    Riya Khurana recommend you to read >> Galaxy note 4 Vs Galaxy note 3 – A Comparison ReviewMy Profile

  • Amiti says:

    Hey Nanda,

    These are all great tips. I think that using them together is a good idea. Running a giveaway at the same time that you perform an advert for likes can optimize the number of new likes.
    Amiti recommend you to read >> Albert Einstein would Thrive at Publishing ContentMy Profile

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