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Tips To Increase Alexa Rank
For those who make blogging as their way of life, Alexa rank plays an important role in their blogging journey. There was a lot of debate between SEO experts, webmasters and bloggers to discuss how Alexa determines the ranking of a website or blogs.

Many people are wondering in confusion, why its Alexa ranking did not go up even though their websites have high traffic? This is the answer! Measurements Alexa rank of your website depends on the website visitors who have the Alexa Toolbar installed, so traffic from the browser without having installed the Alexa Toolbar is not included in the Alexa ranking algorithm. Believe it or not, the Alexa ranking system for blogs and websites is one of the best in the online ranking industry.

Then, how exactly the techniques to increase alexa rank in no time? Are these methods really exist? If you continue reading this, then you will find those ways. The ways that have been proven to increase your Alexa rank!

#1. Claim Your Site On Alexa Site

To be able to claim your site, first you have to register at and put some kind of Alexa ID in the template of your websites or blogs. This is to ensure Alexa can access your websites or blogs with ease. Important things you should consider when you claim your websites are profiles, country and description of the websites must be appropriate to the topic of your blog. This is will not work if you create websites description that is not related with the topic of your blog.

#2. Install the Alexa Toolbar In Your Browser

To improve Alexa rank of your websites or blogs, install the Alexa Toolbar is necessary that you have to do. Then, whenever possible all of your blogging activities must use a browser that has been installed the Alexa Toolbar, which includes updating your blog. By doing so, your Alexa rank will increase rapidly.

How To Increase Alexa Rank

#3. Updates Your Blog Content Regularly

Another way to increase Alexa rank with regularly updates your blog, Alexa really like fresh content as well as Google. I have ever read on a well-known website that said Alexa rank will increase significantly if you update your blog 7-10 times in a week.

#4. Qualified Content

Quality content that is fresh and unique will affect the bounce rate and page views of your website or blog. Your blog visitors would love to be in your blog if you serve fresh and interesting content. Make the content related to the topic of your blog, if you dare to make the content that is not associated with the topic of your blog, this will harm you and accept the negative effects from Alexa.

#5. Link Building

You should find plenty of backlinks to your blog, since Alexa also calculate link that goes to your website or blog. To get backlinks, you can use methods such as guest blogging, social bookmarking and various other ways.

#6. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is important if you want to increase Alexa rank of your website. However, you must realize that many blogs that do not have DoFollow attribute in their comment section. NoFollow attribute does not bring change on increasing your website’s PageRank. The best way when commenting on other blogs is by gives constructive comments. By doing this, Google would appreciate your comments and send positive signals and will ultimately have an impact on increasing your Alexa rank. 😉

#7. Alexa Pro

Are you a blogger who is serious in blogging? If yes, there is nothing wrong if you buy and using Alexa Pro. Alexa Pro has many features that you can use to improve your website or blog. Of course, this can definitely increase Alexa rank quickly. In addition, you can also use features such as adding a company logo or promote your blog in Alexa search results. However, if you are blogging just for a hobby, I recommend you choose Alexa free for savings.

That’s the tips and techniques that I can discuss here, even though if you visit other websites that discuss the same topic, you will get the same ways. I think this is the most important thing in improving Alexa rank of your website.

Over To You

If you have tips and techniques that have not been discussed in this article, I humbly invite you in this discussion. Feel free to write it in the comments field below.

Of course, I would be very happy if you can help me by sharing this article to your friends or your closest relatives. 🙂


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