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With the changes of algorithm made ​​by Google, it is also changing the way webmasters and bloggers in making posts. As said by Danny Sullivan, SEO experts and observers Search Engine number one in the world, Hummingbird is now using the “Conversational search”, where Google read the intent of your writing, not just reading the words.

If the intent or meaning of your writing can be captured by the new Google algorithm as an article that “useful” for the user, then your article are entitled to appear on the first page of Google. Now Google Hummingbird requires your ability to create great writing and professional.

Do You Can Write?

All small children can write. Since elementary school, we have been able to write. Increasing age, it means there will be more of our writings. Surely, we become more proficient in writing.

The question is:
Are you currently are able to write better or still the same as when you were in elementary school?

Know the basic principles of good writing

If you want to make a good article then you must consider that language is the basic strength from an author to create a great article! The better you master the language the more qualified your article.

Now Google Hummingbird Adds 3 Things In Writing:

Make It Clear Becoming Clearer

Use proper grammar and correct, write the correct vocabulary, create appropriate series of sentences, stacking a clear storyline. Use terms that are clear, precise, and accurate. Do not write anything if you cannot explain it.

Understand Your Readers Situation

Write articles that could be understood by all people, both educated or not, both the commoners and the elite, smart people and lay people. Convey the intent of your article to the reader as you speak in front of them.

Make The Reader Become Smarter

Make the reader always remember with your writing. Prepare an appropriate sentence storyline from beginning to end to make it easier to understand and be understood by the reader. Make the reader understand your point without torturing their brains.

In creating articles, you have 2 missions:
(1) Create a great article in the front of the Google Hummingbird!
(2) Be a great writer in front of the reader!

If the reader can understand and comprehend your writing with reading without repeating once again from the top, it means you are a great writer!

Your Thoughts

Do you know how to write well for this new algorithm? Do you feel that this algorithm change also changing your way in create articles? Do you feel this article useful to you? Please let us know what you think by writing it in the comments field below.

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