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LinkedIn is a social networking website that enables the users to build a professional network of connections by browsing through profiles and searching for users in the same field or industry. LinkedIn currently boasts over 225 million users worldwide and that number is continuing to grow at a fast rate. Let’s face it, marketing does not exist solely on your website. A company uses a successful marketing strategy to advertise their brand over several platforms. LinkedIn is a great platform to use to build a successful and well trusted company. Here are five tips to successfully market your brand on LinkedIn.

Beef up You Company Page

Many companies have seen a great response from their LinkedIn pages. Every business could benefit exponentially from a presence on LinkedIn. To gain a presence on any social networking platform, an individual or a business have to be active in the platform’s community. Try to update your company’s status, list employment opportunities, and update events that your company is attending. Try to fill out every detail of your company’s page, and keep it filled with up-to-date information.

Support LinkedIn Groups in Your Industry

Becoming an active member in several relevant LinkedIn groups can add value to your company and brand. Try to be present and answer your customers’ questions, comments, and maybe even complaints. Being there for your customers can help them trust your company more. In addition to helping advice your customers, your company can bring in more costumers, followers, and readers. Also, your company’s presence will increase interest in the product or service that you provide.

Setup Your Own Group

LinkedInSetting up a group for your company can have several benefits. First of all, you can moderate your group and eliminate spam, ads, and other annoying content that holds no value to your company or your followers. If you want, your group can be selective of the people who are allowed to join. Also, your group can increase the interest of your company.

Use the Share Button on LinkedIn

Try to make it easy for your followers and others in your industry to share your content with the LinkedIn share button. Every company strives to provide fantastic content that has some kind of value for their followers. Using the LinkedIn share button can help you and others in your industry share content.

Share Valuable Content

Adding valuable content on LinkedIn will in turn lead to more followers, page views, and traffic. Try to share a variety of content, such as, articles, blog posts, pictures, and videos, but make sure that they are valuable to people in your specific industry. It is essential to share only valuable content because sharing anything less will make your page look less professional, and it will cheapen the image you are trying to build on LinkedIn. Valuable content does not always have to be something that you have created. Share someone else’s work, but always remember to give the creator the credit that they deserve.

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