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iPad Air
iPad Air is the fifth-generation tablet which released by Apple. This tablet is much lighter than the previous generation, the iPad 4. This latest tablet has some improvement if it’s to be compared with the iPad 4. It’s weighs just 0.45 kilograms, while the iPad 4 around 0.63 kilograms.

Other than that, this iPad Air 20 percent much thinner and 28 percent lighter than the iPad 4. And for the screen size remains the same as the iPad 4, which is 24.6 centimeters. In addition, the chip in the tablet is similar to the iPhone 5S, which is A7.

However, if examined more deeply, the tablet has some differences and improvement of the previous iPad. So, what’s the difference with the previous-generation iPad? This article will discuss some of the differences and comparisons iPad Air with the iPad 4. Here it is:

1. Lighter
iPad Air has a weight lighter than the iPad 4, since they are also very different sizes. Yes, this is the lightest tablet ever made. iPad Air has dimensions 240 x 169.5 x 7.5 mm. iPad Air stated 24 percent smaller, 20 percent slimmer and 28 percent lighter than the previous series.

2. Sharpness Display
Besides this tablet great in terms of size, the iPad Air display is much better than the iPad 4. This is because Apple has instilled Retina Display technology that has been improved. Its resolutions reach 1536 x 2048 pixels.

3. Camera
At this point, the iPad Air and iPad 4 are the same. Camera technology that used is still with 5 mega pixel sharpness with f/2.4 aperture size. With these cameras, poor lighting will not be a barrier in taking good pictures. Resolution that owned by iPad Air camera up to 1080p and 720p resolution which is owned by front camera with size 1.2 mega pixels.

Apple's iPad4. Connectivity
iPad has two options that you can use the network, which is cellular network and Wi-Fi. For the speed are HSDPA/3G, LTE and CDMA. Overall for the connectivity is not much different, however, iPad Air has MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) features added by Apple. This feature is useful for improving the access speed to the connection.

5. Processor
Processors are owned by these gadgets have a big difference. iPad Air is built with a better processor and faster than the processor owned by iPad 4. The processor of the iPad Air is 64-bit A7 dual-core chipset processor, while iPad 4 built with A6X quad-core graphics chip processor. Of course the iPad Air processor is superior to the iPad 4 processor.

6. Storage Capacity
For storage capacity, both the iPad does not have change. Available storage capacity is up to 128GB. For users who want a large storage capacity, this capacity is small. But with this capacity options, the user can optimize anything that you can store on your iPad.

7. Battery Life
Normally, iPad Air battery can last for 10 hours of use. Of course would be different if you use Wi-Fi network. However, in general, this iPad Air battery has the same resistance as the iPad 4.

Those are some comparisons provided by this article. In general, the iPad Air has many advantages compared to iPad 4. However, your iPad choice depends on the usefulness iPad for you. It’s up to you!!

Your Thoughts

What do you think about this iPad Air? Do you already have this tablet? And what about your experience in using the iPad Air? Let us know in the Comments section below!!

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