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Google Hummingbird
This month is an exceptional month for content marketing, SEO and internet marketers, especially bloggers. Google is proud to announce that there will be no longer valid search keywords organically and at the same introduce the newest update: Google Hummingbird. These two important announcements become special concern for bloggers and webmasters because it means eliminating the search results based on the keywords using semantic search.

Keywords are critical for SEO strategy. Over the years, the SEO experts play around with keywords, either to optimize the performance of on-page, or when using link-building work. Identify the keywords that will be raised its rank or looking for keywords with large conversion has always been the first reference in developing an SEO project.

However, it was Google before! Right now, Big G ​​intends to improve the quality of search on its search engine by providing more than just keywords are typed on search engines. Google is no longer holding on keywords typed in the search engines, but rather look for “meaning”, the concept and the relationship between them to provide maximum results.

This latest algorithm is rumored to better understand more complicated keywords that are typed on search engines by each user, and then deliver the user to a web or blog that is also truly have the best information and content for each keyword is searched.

Google realized that the queries actually more like a questions, not a statement. Questions typed in queries should be answered like a conversation, because questions will not be able to complete the selected answer. Conversation on these questions will form the basis of a context and content ultimately boils down to the answer. Google Hummingbird is to answer the questions, not for the written word in the queries. Google Hummingbird is intended to answer the questions and not only presents the results of the search.

Therefore, from now on you should be very concerned about the quality content of any articles you post. This new algorithm is rumored to be smarter distinguish spam blogs and blogs which are higher quality, and according to one source Google Panda and Hummingbird will not hesitate to eliminate the blogs that are considered spam and do not have the quality of their search engine.

How Google Hummingbird Works

What Should Be Done To Deal With Hummingbird?

These things must be considered to overcome Hummingbird algorithm:

1. Check your blog structure. Check back blog structure including blog templates that are used.

2. Re-read your article. Make it a habit to re-read before the article posted. Read it again and see if what you write is interesting readers, providing both messaging and solutions to visitors.

3. Post articles regularly and scheduled. Create a schedule to perform regular updates and periodically including attention to the time to post an article, you should always try to post the same time (preferably). Do you want the morning or evening, it’s up to you. All you have to do is post regularly and consistently.

4. Hummingbird loves the type of queries in the questions form. So, prepared the answer of any questions that may arise by Google users. Words like how, what, why will become glorified by Google.

5. Focus on the quality of content. Obviously, Hummingbird very loved natural backlinks and connectivity has high relevance. Do not just use backlinks from websites that have PageRank 7 but different topics with our website. Try backlinks from the legendary websites, powerful and has a high reputation.

Tips content: provide articles that help others or solve their problem, or make it easy something, teach someone else something useful.

6. Use nofollow link. For banner advertising, affiliate ads or blogroll, you should always use a no follow link.

7. Authorship. It is recommended you use this because Google loves it.

Well now start to think things are not always with instantly. If you start to become a serious blogger who wants to have an income from blogging, eliminate LAZINESS!! This including lazy to write, lazy to perform structural optimization blog, lazy to updated periodically and lazy to reading and blog walking.

While that’s a few ways that can be used to overcome the latest algorithm is applied to the current Google. Hope this is can help you all. Welcome to adventure with Hummingbird!!

Your Thoughts

What do you think about this Hummingbird algorithm? Do you have any tips and tricks to share with us? Let us know in the Comments section below!!

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