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Dofollow Backlinks
Do you have a blog? Do you want your blog to get a good rank in the SERPs? Yes, every blog owner would have wanted it. One important way to improve the ranking of your blog is to get backlinks from other blogs that have the same topic with your blog. Backlinks are included in essential SEO factor, especially if you get backlinks from dofollow blogs.

For those of you who already have a blog and an expert in managing blog surely know that dofollow backlinks will increase the PageRank of your blog with a short time. Dofollow backlinks allow you get a link back from blog that you are commenting on.

Do you think that finding dofollow blogs is an easy job? It was not easy at all. You have to find every corner and loopholes available on the internet in order to find it and collect it. But fortunately, I collect some of them and now I will share it with you all! 🙂

Indeed I’m not collecting a lot of dofollow blogs because it’s very difficult to look for it. But at least, what I give to you is useful for those of you who want your blog get quality links. From my experience looking for dofollow blogs, I can say that dofollow blogs are scarce!

Please take a look the list below and use these blogs as they should. I mean, use these blogs to get quality backlinks for your blog. Do not use this blogs for spam. There is no blogger who likes spam being in their blog. There is no harm if you read the article and comment it with targeted and quality comments.

Here are the 30 Do follow Blogs List 🙂

  1.                        PR 3
  2.                                               PR 3
  3.                                                 PR 3
  4.                                                         PR 5
  5.                               PR 3
  6.                                              PR 4
  7.                                                   PR 3
  8.                          PR 3
  9.                                PR 4
  10.                                   PR 3
  11.                      PR3
  12.                                    PR 4
  13.                                                       PR 4
  14.                                                     PR 3
  15.                                               PR 3
  16.                                    PR 3
  17.                            PR 3
  18.                                              PR 4
  19.                 PR 5
  20.                                     PR 4
  21.                                          PR 3
  22.                                          PR 3
  23.          PR 6
  24.                                              PR 4
  25.                                          PR 3
  26.                   PR 4
  27.                                               PR 3
  28.                               PR 3
  29.                                       PR 4
  30.                              PR 4

That is some dofollow blogs. Hopefully, this article will useful for you. If your blog is dofollow blogs, then you can comment in the comments field below and I would love to include your blog in this list. You can also find some blogging tips that exist in this blog in order to you get closer to success. Do not forget to share this list to your friends and people you know. I share this list to your success in the blogging world. Success to you!

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