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Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips
Samsung Galaxy S4 which has been launched a while ago had a lot of technology that may not have been known by many people. Many exciting things are reported about this Samsung Galaxy S4. For that reason, this gadget is very interesting to discuss.

This article is not to discuss the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but this article will discuss how to solve the problems that often arise in using the Samsung Galaxy S4. Since this is a new gadget, so users who are having problems with their Galaxy S4 definitely exist. If you are experiencing Lag Problems in using Samsung Galaxy S4, you can read the previous article that discusses the issue.

Now, this article will try to solve other problems that may occur in using the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Problem: Overheating

For this problem, a lot of users are experience it. There are so many reports that claimed, Samsung Galaxy S4 rapidly heat or even overheating. Most people are experience this problem when playback movies or while playing the game. Some have this problem when using the applications, during phone calls, while browsing the web, or when using the camera. Some of them also have problems when charging. Whatever type of smartphone, the device will heat up when the excessive use and this smartphone are also sensitive to hot weather which impacted on the phone as well.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Black

Easy Tips For This Problem:

1. The heat can occur due to the possibility of mischievous applications. Be sure to always have the latest updates for all installed applications. Run Play Store, press Menu and then My apps, and you will see the update available in the top right.

2. Some people reported that the media server can be the source of the culprit. Try to remove the micro SD card and back up all the files to the computer. Insert the card back to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and format the card. This might solve the problem.

3. If it is a problem in the software, then the update can be solving it.

4. If your Samsung Galaxy S4 continues to heat up, but the smartphone does not do strenuous activities, then it might be a problem with the hardware. Contact the store where you buy that smartphone or Samsung to report the problem, and see if you can get a substitute.

That’s a few tips to resolve common problems on the Samsung Galaxy S4. However, stay here because this article will be constantly updated with other issues and the easy ways to resolve the issue. Hopefully this article can help you to solve issues you are dealing with.

If you have your own tips in solving problems that often occur on the Samsung Galaxy S4, you can write it in the comments field below. Your comments will be very meaningful for those who have the same problem with you. Then, please share this article if you found this article useful to you.


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  • demisew atakure says:

    my phone problem is over heat and not working in coming call,out going and fm app removed to phone i realy anderstand and solve this problem i waiten you.tnxs!

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