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Samsung Galaxy S4 Tips
Do you know a smartphone called the Samsung Galaxy S4? Yes, it is impossible if you not to know it. This smartphone is very interesting when its presence. Many things are have not been revealed from this gadget. Therefore, if you discussing this smartphone, it’s endless job!

In the previous article, we discussed about how to solve the Lag Problems that often occur on Samsung Galaxy S4. However, it is not the only problem on this smartphone. Many people who complain about overheating issues. If you experience it too, you can find easy tips to solve the Overheating Problem on Samsung Galaxy S4 in our previous article.

The following article will discuss other issues that often become a problem for the smartphone users:

Problem: The Battery Runs Out Fast

Do you feel that your smartphone battery run out faster? Any smartphone will take a lot of power if your use it too often. However, it is not the only cause of rapid battery runs out, your smartphone will run into that problem if your smartphone have overheating problems. Use an app to check the temperature and make sure it’s not the real reason for the excessive battery drain.

If users find that battery drained quickly in the use of light, and the phone is not experiencing overheating problems, then there are several things that can be tried. Begin with going to Settings > More > Batteries and discover what eating a lot of power.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Easy Tips To Resolve The Problem

1. Disable unused features: Wi-Fi, GPS, Mobile Data, Air view, NFC, etc..
2. Activate power saving mode via the Quick settings in the Notifications panel.
3. Reduce the screen brightness and timeout.
4. Use dark wallpaper.
5. Pay attention and be aware of the applications that are constantly syncing. Users will find the option to set the sync duration in the settings menu. Most applications like Facebook that can drain power.

That is the short and easy tips to solve the problem on the Samsung Galaxy S4. If you find this article useful, please share this article to your friends, family or colleagues.

Do you have other unique tips to solve the above problem? If yes, please share it with us by making it in comments field below.


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