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The way everyone uses the new iPhone for the first time is always different. A geek can immediately peel and set the iPhone to fit the needs. Your friend probably not is the case. He probably not be familiar to dig deeper into the technology that he uses and he needs your help when he was in trouble with his iPhone. Are you still confused to use an iPhone?

There are so many articles that talk about iPhone, especially the reviews and tutorials, can be found in the online world. But most readers do not know what things that needs to be set when using their first iPhone and using an iPad. This article will show you some important settings on iPhone and iPad. The following settings can protect your personal information and simplify tracking when iPhone is lost or stolen by others.

1. Turning On Passcode

PasscodeHave you ever imagined that one day your iPhone will be lost or stolen by someone? It’s difficult to imagine an iPhone without the passcode. An iPhone without the passcode brings many threats to you, for example, misuse of personal information. The impression is exaggerated, but most people do not realize the importance of protecting the information in iPhone with these simple steps.

Do not forget to specify the duration of the Require Passcode. The shorter the duration, the more secure your iPhone.

2. Auto-Lock

After determining the passcode for iPhone, next is to set the time interval for auto-lock. Usually most people set the time to 15 minutes. Do not forget to turn on the auto-lock because if it is not in a state of lock, passcode function will not run.

3. Turning On Find My iPhone / iPad

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone is a feature that allows you to track the location of the iPhone through iCloud. This feature is useful when the iPhone hidden among the pile of clothes or hidden in the kitchen. You can even track your the iPhone if your iPhone is stolen by someone. Even though you know the location of the iPhone does not guarantee you can get it back from the thief, but at least you know where your iPhone is and who knows, you could get the the iPhone back.

4. Put Applications Find My iPhone

Don’t forget to install this application on all your iOS devices. In addition you can help yourself when losing iPhone, you can also lend your iPad or iPhone to a friend who lost iPhone. By using the Find My iPhone, you do not need to go through iCloud to access features such as Lost Modes, Play Sound and Erase iPhone.

5. Activate Find My Friends

Find My Friends could serve as a companion of the Find My iPhone in the tracking process. By allowing some of your best friends know the position of iPhone, then you can ask them to help track down the missing iPhone based positions that appear in Find My Friends.

iOS Welcome Screen

6. Limit With Restrictions

Restrictions are iOS feature to restrict access from third parties to specified features in iOS. Turning on this feature is useful to prevent the hands of ignorant, especially the thieves.

Some settings that need to be considered are Location Services and Accounts. Specify the different passcode for restrictions and select Don’t Allow Changes for Location Services and Accounts. Accordingly, the thief can not turn off location services, or change the information iCloud, Messages, and FaceTime.

7. Jailbreak And Install More Applications

If you want to get more information in the tracking process, such as a photograph of the perpetrator, then doing jailbreak and install apps from Cydia can be a consideration.

8. Update, Backup & Restore iOS

Try to always use the latest version of iOS so that any feature can run smoothly. One more thing, always backup, either iOS or OS X, backup is a liability. Without a backup, you put all your information in one device. If you can not find again, the iPhone is already lost, at least, you can restore it on a new iPhone later.

Those are some important settings that you apply on your iPhone or iPad. By applying what you get in this article, you will feel secure in using your iPhone or iPad. Let what you think after reading this article by writing it in the comments field below. If you found this article useful, please feel free to share this article to your friends, family or the people closest to you. I really hope this article can help you to resolve the problems that occur in using your new iPhone or iPad.

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