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Not wrong if Samsung Galaxy S4 which is said to be cool and impressive smartphone. Smartphone that combines exceptional sophisticated hardware with features those are super rich. If you are looking for a charming new mobile phone, then you will not hesitate to recommend this smartphone. You can read all sorts of things about the Galaxy S4 we have posted earlier.

Just because it is a powerful smartphone and have rich feature set doesn’t mean that everyone will have a perfect experience with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Every mobile device were ever produced certainly have their uses, there is always a nuisance, and some people will definitely have problems.

We will look at the problems that often happen on the Samsung Galaxy S4 and we will try to calm the anxiety of Galaxy S4 users with easy tips to solve the problem and possible solutions can be applied. By doing this, at least can minimize this problem with easy tips that we get from various sources.

Problem: Lag

Many people who complain about the lag problems that occurs on the Samsung Galaxy S4. Problems that are often found is the lag problems when going to run or stop an application, some lag on unlocking, and also lag when pressing the Home button. If Samsung not given an answer to solve the problem yet, so the user can try these tips:

Samsung Galaxy S4

Easy Tips For This Problem:

1. Go to Settings > Developer options > then scroll down. Try turned off the Window animation scale, Transition animation scale and Animator duration setting. So that setting into Animation is off. If you don’t find the setting Developers options, try to find it by going to Settings> More> About device and press the Build number few times (by doing this you should get a pop-up message when the developer selection options open).

2. Go to Settings > My devices > Lock screen > Unlock effect > change it to None.

3. Run S-Voice and go to Settings, and then clear the check mark next to the Open via the home key. Please note that this will disable the double tap activation in S-Voice, but will also eliminate the problem of having the Home button lag.

This is one of the easy tips to overcome the problems that occurred on the Samsung Galaxy S4, but stay tuned here due we will update this article to help you handling the problem in Samsung Galaxy S4.

If you find a problem, or something different, leave a comment for us. We will discuss the issue together. If anyone has tips or other solutions that can be shared, we would love to read it, so please share with us.

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