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Samsung Galaxy S4
Currently Samsung Galaxy S4 is becoming a rising star in the world of gadgets. Even though the price is quite expensive as the iPhone and iPad, but a lot of people who want it. One of the weaknesses of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is color variation.

For some well-known manufacturers, they are now presenting smartphone with variant colors vary widely and alluring. But for Samsung, it looks like the color variation will not be found in the ranks of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung Galaxy S4 is only offered with only two color variants namely black and white. So is it possible to modify the color of the Samsung Galaxy S4? Then the answer is very possible if using ColorWare.

ColorWare is a company that will help the owners of the Samsung Galaxy S4 who wish to change or modify the color of their smartphones apart from standard colors such as black and white in accordance with the desired color or their favorite color. ColorWare itself provides 46 color options in solid and metallic alloys.

Samsung Galaxy S4 ColorWarePhoto above is the color produced by ColorWare. The resulting color is stylish and elegant, but according to the information Samsung Galaxy S4 owners who wish to change or modify the color their Samsung Galaxy S4 by using the services of ColorWare, then at least have to spend about $ 1000.

This is not a cheap modification. According to ColorWare that also published by AndroidAuthority, modifications color Samsung Galaxy S4 will go through several stages are quite complicated and lengthy, starting from demolition, cleaning, masking, painting, polishing and inspection and reassembly. And for the Integration complicated process takes about 14 days including shipping time back to its owner.

Are you also interested in using the services of ColorWare for $ 1,000 to obtain or modify color of the Samsung Galaxy S4 as desired? Or is there another easier way? Please feel free to comment.


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