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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0
As one of the excellent Android products that were thrown to the market by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 looks like has its own charm. With the size of the design is so well-run and Super AMOLED screen that looks so great and has a great engine power and additional built-in S-Pen stylus which is very useful, make a phone made ​​by Samsung is getting seduced the hearts of millions of people in the world.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 have varied and useful specifications. After learning more details about the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 you must be tempted to buy it, you will be fascinated to have this cool smartphone if you read shortcuts and tricks that exist in the cool Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0. And for those who already have this special smartphone, certainly will be proud because you have taken the right choice to buy this device.

Let’s get started, here’s the cool trick of the SG Note 8.0 which will be useful to better understand the character of the SG Note 8.0.

Awesome Tricks For Take A Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 Tips and TricksThere are a few options to take a screenshot on SG Note 8.0. Regardless of the method chosen, the result will appear in the Notifications and Screenshots folder in the Gallery.

1. Hold down the Power button and the Home button at the same time, you can stop this when you hear the shutter sound.

2. Go to Settings> Motion and check the box next to the Palm swipe to capture. Now rub your palms on the screen to take a screenshot.

3. Final option is to use the S-Pen. Take a screenshot by pressing and holding the S-Pen button, then touch the screen to hear the sound. If you want to annotate or edit your screen capture, use applications from the pop-up menu.

Awesome Tricks To Create A Shortcut

If you want to maximize the S-Pen, and create shortcuts to a specific function, it is necessary to an understanding of the features of Quick Command. You simply hold the S-Pen button and pull up on the screen and Quick Command will come with a pop-up models. Now draw a symbol to start running an application. For example, “@” sign to run email. Set your own shortcuts through Settings> Quick Command settings> Add a command.

Slide Multi-Tasking

To be able to try this feature, simply hold down the Back button until you see a pop-up tab on the left side of the screen (press and hold a pop-up tab to move it to another place).

That’s some cool tricks for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 which super short for now, but if you have other advice or tricks, please feel free to leave it in the comments. Be sure to check back, as we will periodically update this article with the latest tricks.

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