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Your iOS battery will get maximum results if done with proper management and use of the services and features that are active on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch that balanced with the battery life.

Here are five easy ways for durable iOS battery:

Check the battery usage statistics

Go to Settings> General> Usage and Press scroll down to find the battery Usage. Change the Battery Percentage to the ON position. By doing this way, users will be helped by the appearance of the battery icon and percentage shaped not only the image at the top of the screen.

Pay attention on Time since last full charge, this section inform users timescales of usage the iPhone since the device is turned on (Standby) and perform activities such as phone calls, using email, listening to music, or use behind the scenes such as checking email automatically. Check both these figures regularly to customize the features on your iPhone.

Turn ON the Brightness setting mode

Go to Settings> Brightness & Wallpaper> press the Auto-Brightness to turn it to the ON position> and then press the Home button to go back porch.

Easy Ways For Long Lasting iOS BatteryThe screen is the biggest power requires that waste batteries, getting brighter and brighter the screen, the greater the consumption of battery. By optimizing the ON position, the screen brightness is reduced when approaching the battery runs out. In addition, this setting also serves to make the phone screen automatically darken when not being used.

Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE after you use

Some of the technology on the iPhone includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data whose use requires continuous checking signal power coming from the battery of your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Greatly recommended to turn off this feature when not needed.

Turn off Push Mail and Push Notifications

This is services that let the user know when to get the most recent notification or email. This is very useful, but when the battery savings are needed, it’s time to turn off the service.

Go to Settings> Mail> Contacts> Calendars> Fetch New Data> then change it to OFF. To disable Push Notifications as well please go to Settings, then tap Notifications. Inside there will be a list of applications that have the ability to send Push Notifications.

Disable Location Services

Search Settings> Privacy> and disable it on any application that has the ability to access GPS. Usually the application is capable of doing such access include application Instagram, Foursquare and Facebook.

If you want to turn off all the services Location Services, you just turn it to the OFF position, and this will disable all of them. Do you have any other tips so that your iOS battery can last longer?

Please tell us by writing it in the comments field below.

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