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Tips to Increase iPad Battery Life
Many people have complained that the iPad’s battery does not last long. However, this article will shed some light on you in caring your iPad battery. By trying some of these simple ways, the battery life of your iPad will be increased. Some of these ways are quite easy to follow. This article will mention 5 easy ways that will increase the battery life of your iPad.

Battery Charged When Battery Start Weakens

One of the main reasons your iPad’s battery can last for a long time is because the iPad charged when going out. Yes, maybe some say it has no effect but as long as you do it, you will see the results. You have to get used to charge your iPad when your battery capacity indicates below 5%.

You should make sure that the battery should be fully charged to 100% and then let it go. A battery will be exhausted by the charging cycle, so if you stop in the middle of charging then charged again, removed again, and charged again, the battery life will be reduced.

You should unplug after charging reaches 100%. The iPad has some mechanism to let the device run on battery and then recharge to 100% if the iPad is still connected to a power source. This is intended to make the battery can last longer, but it actually makes use of a battery decreases. If you can pull it out as soon as possible after reaching 100%, it’s the best.

Disable the Lock Screen Notifications

The next tips are disabling lock screen notifications. Basically, every time you get a notification from any app, it will appear on the lock screen and the iPad will light up to indicate that notification. Notifications display is quite short, but if happens repeatedly when there is a notification from Facebook, iMessage or something else could make the battery runs out quickly.

iPad Battery LifeYou must go into every app under Notifications, but it will take time. You must try to turn off all notifications on the lock screen except for a few apps that you want the notification displayed.


You can simply Go to Settings >> General >>  Auto-Lock. You need to set the value as low as possible, which is 2 minutes.

Unless you really need the display for a long time, 2 minutes without using it more than enough. After that, you want the screen off automatically. By doing this, it’s will save your battery.

Turn off Cellular Data

If your iPad is Wifi+3G and 3G mobile data is typically always lived. You should be aware that 3G or Wi-Fi only be used if you are out of the house.

For the new iPad with 4G, it will probably take more battery. You have to turn off cellular data when not needed. Simply go to Settings and tap on Celluler Data and change it to Off.


Finally, you also have to turn off Bluetooth when not needed. When you transfer files, Bluetooth switched on, turned off immediately once completed.

Bonus – Do Not Disturb

You can try this method if you’ve updated the iPad to iOS 6. If you have recently updated the iPad to iOS 6, then you’ve probably heard about the Do Not Disturb. This is a new feature. This feature will silence all FaceTime calls and any alerts.

If you go to Settings, first activate the Do Not Disturb. After that, tap on Notifications and Scheduled change to On. Then select the time you want to turn on Do Not Disturb. You can also allow FaceTime calls from your favorite call if you like it or disable it. This feature also has other functions, if you get a FaceTime call continuously until 3 minutes, then the iPad will be ringing.

That’s it. By using the above method, you can significantly increase your iPad battery life. If you have your own way, share it with us via the comments below this post. We will update this post if we get a new ways to improve battery life of the iPad.

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