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Plantronics are one of the market leaders in the world of wireless headsets in the form of Plantronics headsets. Plantronics are well known for providing high quality headsets that combine a large amount of capability and functionality with comfort and usability.

Although the largest market for these wireless headsets is businesses where phone work makes up a large segment of a normal working day, there is also a growing demand from the recreational market to provide wireless headsets that can be used for gaming and Skyping as well.

There are two main types of headset that are available, those which are smaller and are worn as over-ear devices, and the larger, more traditional, style of headset that are over-head devices.

The smaller devices only utilise Bluetooth technology to create a link with the mobile phone or VOIP service. To connect with a VOIP service an additional dongle is required to be inserted into the computer in order to create a Bluetooth transmitter that the headset can be paired with.

The Bluetooth link can be used with up to 10m between the transmitter and the receiver. This works well for connecting a small headset to a mobile phone as the two are generally both carried on someone or are within the same area in a car.

In an office setting Bluetooth may not provide the range required for the flexibility that a wireless headset can provide. In these cases larger headsets can be used as they are large enough to combine both Bluetooth and DECT communications technology.

By using a DECT base station it is possible to get ranges of up to 100m between the transmitter and the base station, thus providing additional flexibility and mobility for the person using the system.

A DECT base station can also act as a central hub for incoming calls so that a single headset can be used to respond to phone calls from a number of different sources.

Sources can be connected into the hub using cabling and also using Bluetooth links. Therefore mobile phones can be paired with the DECT base station, which in turn is paired with the headset.

Both DECT and Bluetooth are digital technologies so it is possible to encrypt all of the wireless links that are present using Digital Encryption.

This means that the transmissions will be made securely both between the sources and the base station and also between the base station and the headset.

The combination of the encryption and the pairing ensures that the signal will not be accidentally transmitted to or picked up by another headset.

In order to get the best sound quality Plantronics headsets also incorporate noise cancelling technology. There are a number of different techniques and technologies that can be used and they range from simple, single microphone techniques to more complex triple microphone differencing techniques that are able to deal with more complex background noise, such as wind or loud traffic noise on a busy street.

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