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iPhone is the most desired gadgets by many people who want a device that offers a lot of technology. Technology offered by the iPhone is a proof for the people to buy this gadget. However, do you know everything in the iPhone? Many secrets are held by the iPhone and to know everything, this article can help you. Read on!

Face Time is a great application for video communication with your iPhone. It allows users to see the person they are talking to while having a conversation. Just bring up your contacts and find the FaceTime button. Simply press the button to activate FaceTime.

You can change icons on the bottom of your screen when you listen to music. In settings, you can “add more icons”, which can help to personalize your experience. Now you can choose from a variety of icons, then use them to access all of your favorite albums, genres, artists and songs.

Give distinct names to each email account that you plan on checking using your iPhone. If multiple email accounts share a similar name, you are going to get confused. So to separate each account and make it simple to find what you’re looking for; give each account a unique name.

When you encounter a frozen screen, press the Home button for at least 5 seconds. This should cause your phone to reboot. If holding the Home button is not working, try holding the Home button and power consecutively for 12 seconds. Only try the second method when the first one isn’t working.

Your iPhone can be used for sending pictures to all your close acquaintances. This can be done in two ways. You could just go the traditional route of an email attachment, but nowadays you can also upload it to Facebook.

When surfing the web on the iPhone, you do not need to add “.com” to web addresses. Just type in the main portion of the site’s name and the browser can do the rest. This might not seem important, but it will save lots of time during the time you have your phone.

iPhone 4If you happen to be accident prone, make sure to purchase an iPhone case immediately. For example, dropping the phone can easily result in a shattered or damaged screen. The case is not a guarantee. However, it increases the safety of your iPhone.

Pictures can be improved by using the headset’s volume button as opposed to the home key on the iPhone. Doing this will lessen the possibility of the phone shaking as you snap a picture. You can also use different angles for your pictures.

The iPhone OS should be upgraded to the most recent version. The iPhone has become as sophisticated as many computers. Occasionally, the operating system needs to have fixes and security updates downloaded to protect it. These updates are critical for the security of your phone and any personal information that you may have stored on it.

You can take screenshots at any point by using your iPhone. All you have to do is press both the power button and the home button simultaneously. You will end up with a shot of your phone’s present display that will be sent to your Images application.

Handy dictionary shortcuts can be created on the iPhone. The iPhone can detect what you are trying to say. Your phone can also be programmed to insert extra shortcuts and phrases. These shortcuts will also be incorporated into the autocorrect feature of your phone.

To conserve battery life, reduce the brightness of your iPhone’s screen. To lower the brightness level, simply adjust your phone’s settings. You can save your battery and you won’t have to charge your phone as much.

Although your iPhone does everything it can to make navigating web pages as easy as possible, it can still be a real slog to scroll back up to the top of a long page. Well, now that is no longer necessary. Tap the status bar up top on the screen and you instantly get brought back to the beginning of the page. This works for all long screens, especially one like iTunes.

Searching through small webpage windows on an iPhone can be difficult. Sometimes, you wind up just scrolling across the main webpage. If you’re getting stuck, select the window you want to scroll through, and zoom in. Then use two fingers instead of one when scrolling through the list.

iPhoneTo conserve time while emailing or texting, develop AutoText helpful shortcuts for expressions you most frequently type on the iPhone. The feature is useful for complicated emails and phrases you use a lot. You will find this feature by going to the keyboard settings.

Protect your iPhone from extreme weather and temperatures. Do not bring your phone with if you work in a freezer, and don’t leave your phone in the sun. Condensation can easily form on the delicate electronics inside.

Swiping your iPhone from left to right allows you to toggle between your six-day forecast and your local current weather conditions. Also, you can easily access the weather application by tapping on the iPhone’s weather bar.

Keep the firmware updated. This makes the device more usable and your battery’s life longer. Update firmware by uploading the latest iTunes to a computer and connecting the phone to said computer. Alternately, you can use iCloud to connect your phone to your Apple computer.

The iPhone is really more than you could ever need in a phone, the trick is to figure out how to master it. The piece above offers useful guidance for becoming a skilled iPhone user. Enjoy what your phone has to offer!

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