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iWatch - Apple Smart WatchCurrently, the great technology companies are in a race to create innovation in order not to lag behind from the rival. One innovation that is currently booming is Smart Watch.

This article will provide information that may be useful for you to add your insights about the Smart Watch are made ​​by Apple and Microsoft. Do not let yourself be outdated by reading this article.

Apple Smart Watch

You definitely know the Apple’s company that makes iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Reportedly, the company is currently making Smart Watch. Yes, Smart Watch!

Apple Smart WatchExpected, that smart watches will be made ​​from glass that are flexible and can be bent like paper. With so, the glass can be coiled around the wrist.

That flexible glass was called Willow Glass. Besides flexible, that glass is also thin, strong, and can be used for touch screen technology.

Willow Glass is made ​​by Corning Glass Technologies. Apple also uses another glass creation from Corning Company for iPhone.

When talking about its technology, the technology may be similar to Smart Watch from other companies that already exist today. For example, Smart Watches from Pebble and Sony.

Smart Watch that already exist today connect the wearer with a smart phone. For example, you can use it to read e-mail, Facebook, and others. But, perhaps, Apple’s smart watches will be more sophisticated.

Although the Smart Watches are still a lot of mystery, but gadget fans already gave it name with the nickname “iWatch”.

Microsoft Smart Watch

Microsoft is rumored to follow in the footsteps of Apple in making a new kind of product category watches, but it has a broader and intelligent function.

Since this is the latest news, so it is not much can be known from this Microsoft project. Hopefully Microsoft immediately is doing action show off to promote their Smart Watch.

Microsoft Smart WatchThis is not the first time for Microsoft to try his luck in the business of digital watches.

In 2008, Microsoft has made a product watches in the project Personal Objects Technology (SPOT).

In the project, Microsoft is working with several well-known watchmakers, like Fossil, Suunto and Swatch.

The SPOT product allows users to send short message service through Windows Messenger, read news, find stock information, and look at the weather forecast.

All of these functions will be presented through a paid service.

Unfortunately, Microsoft did not continue the SPOT project because the price is too expensive. Reportedly, to get the SPOT product, the consumer must spend up to 800 USD.

Other great technology companies, such as Samsung, and Google, are investing in technology that imposed in the human body. Google has done a lot of action to show off with smart glasses.

If you have the latest information about gadgets and technology, you can share it with us. Share how your feedback on this topic by leaving comments below.



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