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Not many people know about Google Glass. The approach very carefully from Google in introducing Project Glass makes this computer with unique shape remains a mystery, but recently a new patent application from Google could unlock some of the secrets of this project.

For Google, the use of the control key is not the only way to interact with these glasses, there is also the possibility of voice input, input from a camera also a wireless keyboard input. But this headset will be able to prioritize UI elements depending on the context or the preferences of the wearer. Explanation of the patent says, “In the absence of explicit instructions to display certain content, this system may be intelligent and can automatically determine the contents of the input field as desired by the wearer”.

Google Glass can also work in a way that is more passive, which means it can react to the surrounding environment rather than just relying on the wearer’s instructions. A somebody name can be detected during a conversation with a friend, and, if available, the person’s contact information can be displayed in a multimode input field. This function can be useful to plan business meetings.

Input from various sensors can be combined as well, a Google application gives an example such as predicting interface methods that is most suitable for use based on weather conditions. For example, when the touchpad or keypad is becoming the default choice, if Google Glass detects that the environmental temperature is too low then it will suggest the user to wear gloves and if you can, immediately switch to the audio input to prioritize the use of microphones.

Woman Wear Google Glass In the meantime, more than one camera can be used on this device. Google wants to integrate the second camera into the trackpad, so it can directly monitor the user’s finger, but this rear-facing camera also able to serve as “eyes in the back of your head.”

Google Glass will use vibration mechanism on the skull users to produce sound. The mechanism called bone conduction technology is visible in the documentation that Google sent to authorities in the United States. However, this technology is not yet known to the public until now.

Some people actually rate this as a step forward because these earphones became safe for the user when crossing the road.

That is part of the implementation of the Project Google Glass technology that is being developed in secret, but eventually revealed little from submission their patent applications. Currently, the smart device is priced at U.S. $ 1500 price range and developers will get this smart device in early 2013.


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