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iPhone is a device that became the mainstream today. You must live under a rock if you do not recognize the iPhone. Gadgets have changed the views of many people on cell phones. However, not everyone understands how to use these gadgets properly. If you are the owner of an iPhone or just bought an iPhone, this article contains tips and techniques for getting the most out of your iPhone.

Should you be looking for an audible sound for typing, look in your Sound settings and turn on keyboard clicks. This makes it easier for some people when they are typing, to avoid mistakes.

A great aspect of the iPhone is how versatile it is. When you use the BlinqTV application, which is free, your phone can become a remote control. This allows you to control many of your electronics such as DVD players, TVs and stereos. You can also use it to remind you when specific TV shows are on.

Think about buying a battery management application. These apps will tell you how you can get more from your battery. Many will also alert you when you should calibrate, so you are always getting accurate readings.

Sync your time management on your phone and computer. You’ll be able to see your calendar on your phone at any time. Many people use this method of staying organized.

If you want to customize your alert tones on your iPhone, it is very simple. Just use this process to customize tones. Navigate to “Sounds” under your phone’s “Settings.” Select the musical alert that appeals to you. You can then click on the option to buy more tones.

Has your iPhone become frozen or unresponsive? Hold the home and sleep buttons for an extended period of time to get your iPhone to respond. That will make any applications close. If that did not fix the problem, hold the Sleep and Home buttons simultaneously for about ten seconds. The Apple logo will flash on the screen as the phone resets.

It is important to update your iPhone’s firmware whenever updates are available. Not only will it keep your system current and functional, it may also improve your battery life through improvements. Firmware can be updated by connecting the phone to your computer after you’ve uploaded iTunes. You can also connect your iPhone with your Apple computer.

You can take screenshots with your iPhone all the time. To do so, press down on both the power and home buttons at the same time. Doing this takes a shot of the current display, and it will send it straight to your Images app. Keep in mind that you should only press these buttons briefly because if you hold them down for too long, negative effects can occur.

Disable or turn off any of the wireless radio functions that you do not use. Even if you are not using them, they drain the battery when they are open. These wireless radios include Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth. You can shut them off when not in use.

You can customize the icons that are displayed on the screen while music is playing on your iPhone. Just tap on the “settings” button and select the “add more icons” option. You can make lots of different icons that will help you organize favorite songs, genres, artist or albums.

You can use your iPhone camera single-handedly. Just get the picture you want and then tap the upward volume button, or +. Your picture will be just as clear and focused.

Getting great results from your iPhone should be much easier after reading this article. Be sure to try out all the tips laid out in this article and unlock all of the possibilities. When you know the steps to take, you can enjoy your iPhone even more.

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