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iPhone is a magical tool that coveted by everyone. Applications are owned by the iPhone makes people crazy to have this gadget. However, the happiness of having an iPhone could be disrupted because so many apps offered and you simply do not understand how to use it. You have to know all the functions and features of the iPhone in order to use it to the maximum. The following article may help you.

Siri can now let you set location-based reminders. Siri already gives reminders based on a pre-set time. It will call you when you get home. When your iPhone knows you are home, it will give you the reminder. With this feature, you can set reminders based on location, not time.

If you are interested in the weather, did you know you can toggle between six-day forecasts and current conditions by simply swiping the phone left and right? Also, tapping on the weather bar will bring you to the weather app instantly.

Has your iPhone frozen while you’re trying to do something? If the sleep or home buttons do not work, try pressing on “home” for several seconds. Any apps that are locked here will be forced to close. If it is still unresponsive, simultaneously hold down Home and Sleep for 10-15 seconds. The Apple logo will pop up and the phone will reset itself.

Turn off or disable unused wireless radio functions. These functions drain battery life even when not in use. GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth all count as wireless radios. When you aren’t using them, shut them off.

Would you like to insert a letter with an accent into your text? Simply do the following. All you have to do is touch and hold the letter you want for a few moments, and you will receive a list of options. This will bring up a box that gives you different letter options to insert. Now you can have more fun with your lettering.

Find My iPhone is a great app that can help you locate your lost or stolen iPhone. You have to be registered before you lose it. You can set it to display a message or make a noise to help you find the phone. Also, you can lock your data to protect it from unwanted people.

It is easy to take much better photos simply by pressing volume on the headset instead of pressing the button which is located on the iPhone. When the iPhone is set to use this button, shaking can be avoided. It is also possible to utilize the headset cord’s length to capture self-portraits of different types.

Instead of trying to remember what a webpage or email said, you can save an image from on of them. The images in these apps can be saved by simply touching them and holding down your finger for a short amount of time. A screen should pop up and ask you to either save the image, or cancel.

Send photos to your friends and family with your iPhone. Two options are available to achieve this. First, you can achieve this by adding it to an email from your saved images, or you can upload it onto Facebook.

Press cancels to save messages to work on later. A popup will appear and ask you if you want to save, delete or cancel the operation. By choosing to save the message, it will go into the Drafts folder. If Drafts isn’t available, one will be created following it.

To scroll along your contact list, try these three options. Press on the list, scroll down with your finger or tap a letter to jump down. The last way allows you to scroll quickly through your entire list.

Purchase an iPhone case for its protection. Your iPhone will break if you drop it when it’s not in its case. Though no perfect case exists, most models can reduce the likelihood that the phone will be rendered non-functional if you happen to drop it.

Have you ever been disappointed that you could not get your camera up in time to get a perfect shot? Use this easy shortcut. While you have the screen locked, quickly touch Home button two times. A camera icon will appear at the bottom of your screen after you do this. Double tap it to start the camera.

Anyone with an iPhone probably already knows that its capabilities are seemingly endless. Apply what you have learned in this article to maximize your upside to owning this device.

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