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iPhone has changed the way many people in their daily activities. To take advantage of your device’s possibilities, you must become educated about them. Keep reading this article to get tips and tricks so that you become expert iPhone users.

Do not allow your phone to be in places where it will be subject to extreme temperatures. You definitely do not want to take your iPhone into cold refrigerated areas like they have in some warehouses and then back out into the warmth. Drastic drops in temperature can promote the build up of water condensation, which is not good for electronics.

You can take pictures with your headphone cord as well. Steady your hands when snapping the picture, and then touch the cord’s button. You won’t shake the phone and you will have a clear shot.

You are able to take a steady photo easily enough on your iPhone. In order to do this, use the volume buttons that are located on your headphones. Initiate this by focusing on what you want to take a picture of and then make sure your hand isn’t shaking. The buttons on the cord will need to be pressed once you are ready to snap the picture.

If you wish to gain valuable insight on how to operate your iPhone, consider using the tutorials Apple offers. The tutorials can guide you along the way, step by step, so that you are not at a loss of what to do with your phone. Whenever you are unsure, go to the tutorials, and you will soon have a phone to exactly meet your needs.

When texting, do you always send them to the same people? If so, consider adding each of these numbers to your favorites. Through the favorite list or the recent call list, you can easily text people or place a call as needed. Simply tap the little arrow by the contact and choose text message. Texting contacts can help you follow up on missed phone calls so that you don’t miss important information.

Make sure your iPhone is safe by getting insurance on it. The guarantee of your phone, coupled with insurance, is all you need. It is also a great idea to prevent external damage with the use of a quality iPhone case.

You can screenshot anytime with your iPhone. Simply do a quick press of your Home button and your power button all at once. Make sure they are only pressed for a short period of time, as pressing them down for a longer period than needed may cause problems. A screenshot will be produced and directed to the app for Images.

Is it important for you to have something different when it comes to alert tones? Just use this process to customize tones. In your Settings, go to Sounds. Choose a different alert. You can also select “Buy more tones” as an option.

If your iPhone is wet, consider using rice. Dropping your phone in a puddle, the toilet or another wet location is almost inevitable. Towel dry your phone and put it in a baggie filled with rice. The rice will draw the moisture from your phone overnight.

The Safari web browser on your phone acts just like a web browser on a desktop. It even allows you to save images from the web. In Safari, just touch and hold on a photo you’d like to save. This will go right into your Camera Roll after you save it. You can also insert the image into an email if you like.

People are often amazed at first by what their new iPhone can help them accomplish. However, most newbies don’t realize all the things that the iPhone can do. By keeping the information above close at hand, it is possible to get even greater productivity out of the iPhone than you may have ever dreamed.

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