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Having your own website for your own business might be the best solution to boost up your selling and increase your profit. With a website, you could stay connected with your customers and tell them more about your business. A website also could reach larger scope of people and could turn them into potential customers as well. But creating a website is only a half way to your goal. Your true achievement is if that website of yours could be reached easily and effectively found on search engine. To make this possible, you’re going to need a special strategy known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization.

So what is this SEO actually? Basically, SEO could be described as a strategy to make your website on the first row of the search engine rankings. Most search engines would display you a list of search result. Sometimes this list could reach more than one page. With SEO, your website could be on the first page of search engine result. Even if you could apply better SEO, your website could be on the first of the list. This is very advantageous since most people will be more attracted to open the first link or links on the first page of search engine. Making your website on the first page of search engine could increase the opportunity of your website being visited by other people. Basically, there are few steps on SEO. To make sure your website has a good and proper SEO, you have to notice these steps and apply them on your website. The first thing you have to consider when you want to apply good SEO on your website is focus on your contents. The contents of your website could be anything from writings, audios, videos, pictures, or even links to other sources. The most essential content of your website is writings. So you have to focus on these writings and make them become more potential as well. You could do this in several ways. You could write something that make people want to share it on their blogs or other social networks or you could write something from the old content of your website. The point is, you have to do everything you can to create interesting writings that could attract people to visit your website.

The next thing you have to do in order to apply a good SEO to your website is put some trusted links into your website. Links could give you several benefits. It could tell the visitor about other details of your contents and could save space on your website as well. After that, you also have to focus on any image attributes ion your website. Images could enrich your website. But if you want them to have a good SEO, try to put several attributes on them such as caption, titles or description. Images with attributes will have a better SEO rather than those without attributes. The next important thing you have to consider is anchor text links. Anchor texts are several texts on your writings that colored in blue. These texts could take the visitors to other links that related with your contents. You also need to avoid duplicated contents on your website if you want it to have a good SEO.

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